Obesity and fat burning between genetics and habits
Obesity and fat burning between genetics and habits

Obesity and fat burning between genetics and habits

Many people associate obesity and fat gain, but there is a very important factor in weight gain and excess fat and between genetic process.

We note undoubtedly that the  prevalence of obesity in some families and families without the other, and here we must ask:

Do genetics and genetic factors role in obesity and fat gain?

The fact that the answer is certainly, and after several studies are yes, genetic factors role in obesity, but it’s not the only reason for the prevalence of overweight in this way epidemic in modern times, but the fact that obese people have a genetic predisposition  with environmental factors and style and lifestyle, such as : sweetened foods and eating excessively well-filled food of various types of fat and lack of movement and lack of exercise, and spend long hours without doing any physical exertion, it all makes genetic predisposition and genetic factors are working with great effect appears obesity and excess fat gain.

As for the genetic factor

Studies have indicated that genetic factors are responsible for 30% to 50% of obesity, but until now scientists have not been able to identify most of the genetic changes responsible for overweight as well as the mechanism of action of these genes, so in addition to the study of identical twins, scientists lot of studies on mice experiments to study the genetic reasons that cause overweight have been identified defects in a group of genes (the basic units of heredity in living organisms) cause overweight in mice, it has found defects in humans like obese.

Scientists have discovered that chromosome 16 makes a man more prone to obesity as it is at risk of type II diabetes. In one study, 16% of adults who have had this mutation were obese, and I found two studies that this mutation present in about 22% of people with obesity.

Studies have shown that the imbalance in the leptin gene, and the gene is responsible for the composition of the protein leptin leads to the emergence of  overweight  factors. Infertility  gives to these mice reversed the results, and the production of leptin in fat cells and intestine and placenta, and Leptin sends signals to the brain about the amount of fat stored in the body, has these studies have led and other studies to link the increase of leptinoverweight.

The team of researchers at the Faculty of the University of Oxford, the British medicine reached to identify the gene responsible for obesity, and the team said he had come to identify two copies of this gene in people obese.

The study, carried out by the team that the risk of obesity, I carry this gene up to 70 percent compared with people who do not have the gene.

And the researchers found that people who have this gene gain weight at a rate of about 3 kg for other people, has included the study carried out by more than 40,000 people the team of researchers.

Despite the importance of lifestyle minimize a person’s risk of obesity, but the people who have this gene will face difficulty in reducing their weight too!

Reference is made to that one in six white Europeans carry two models of this gene, where overweight  is considered the most important problems faced by the British Ministry of Health.

After reviewing the studies relating to inheritance and its impact on obesity:

Bottom line: we can say that genetics and lifestyle both have a direct effect on fat gain and overweight, as well as an impact on the loss of those too fat and lose weight, but the important question?

Are obese people found have seized upon these studies? Have they found a peg “genetic factors” and “genes” to do different types of eating sugary foods and sweetened and fats of all kinds?

Of course, such a belief is a big mistake and fatal, pattern of life is what can be changed, but the genes and genetic factors can not be changed, and the man took reasons and after all factors that increase obesity.

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