Office: a new territory to conquer!
Office: a new territory to conquer!

Office: a new territory to conquer!

Files that accumulate drawers overflowing, irascible colleagues boosted boss and coffee machine down, office life is not a bed of roses! How to live your 35 hours?

Flourish in the office: the dream he can become reality? Enjoying work without letting it encroach on his personal life, establish contacts without being devoured, controlling stress, manage to be at once effective, estimated and friendly … It is fortunately possible.

Arrange your workspace

Fulfillment Rule number one, be installed! You must have a desk, a chair to correct your back, and all the equipment you need: computer, phone … Do not hesitate to ask for what you lack. You have the sun in your eyes or on the contrary, the room is too dark? Ask installing a curtain or a supplementary lamp. Without displaying your vacation photos, feel free to customize a bit your workplace: pencil pot tinkered with your daughter for Mother’s Day, green plants, personal cup … In your drawer, store your “care pharmacy “aspirin, cereal bars for small hollow …

Be a “nice employee”

Without spending your time talking, talking with everybody helps you to market your business, and make new contacts. Take three minutes to talk to the receptionist, the mail clerk, the man of the household and intern … If you find that communication goes wrong on your floor, take action by offering to make a pot on the occasion of the closure of a project on which everyone is invested. Do you make friends is always more fun and simple for lunch in the canteen or to request that helps you out a block of sheets … Take care, however: no emotional overinvestment. Your colleagues do not have to know the amount of your overdraft at the bank or sexual difficulties from your spouse. Know to remain discreet (e)!

Adopt a concrete organization

First, set yourself daily priorities. Make lists of all the things you have to do according to their urgency. Group the activities to avoid dispersing you: go to the mail after lunch, spend the early morning the phone calls, mid-afternoon photocopies … Treat yourself to a large notebook in which you will notice absolutely everything: you will not lose more time to find an address or contact, or to look old Post-it astray! When you embark on a rather lengthy task, do not let distract, even using ear plugs to isolate yourself from others, and to put your phone on email! Otherwise you may have to look up every five minutes, and do not move! You have finished ? Know also blow, take a break to recover your energy.

Drink a large glass of water, give yourself a little chocolate, lie down as much as possible on your chair, stretch as out of bed and breathe deeply, closing his eyes three minutes and think of something pleasant … Then walk around and look out the window. This is a great way to vent nervous tension under stress at the office!

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