Oily hair guide
oily hair:Should wash their oily hair every day?
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Oily hair guide

Oily hair is a sort of  hair that need to be washed and take care of it.That’s why, i write this article to enrich how you can deal with oily hair.

How often should you really wash your hair?

All day or only once a week? It’s time to check if it is good to wash your hair every day. On hair washing, there are obviously several schools. In fact, the frequency of your shampoos depends on their efficiency but also on the nature of your hair.

Choosing the right care to wash your hair

It is not particularly recommended to wash your hair every day, but more washed, more sebum production is high, in which case your hair graiss faster. Most of the time, in the shower on file, and we eagerly shampooed before rinsing. Take your time a little. Your hair deserves some attention. Before wet, start by brushing. This has a first cleaning action since the film will be partly eliminated. Then you can move to the shampoo step. Massage therapy  for your scalp gently with only a shampoo nuts. If you have naturally oily hair, take a suitable shampoo that your worries will regulate sebum. The warm water is preferable in hot water for rinsing.

A different washing frequency according to the nature of the hair

If you have no problem of sensitivity of the scalp, you can wash your hair every day without risk. But there is a risk to assault your skin. With oily hair, it is still complicated to wait too long between each shampoo every other day would be the ideal frequency. If you have dry hair, one to two loads per week will be sufficient.

By cons after a sport, it is important to wash your hair because of perspiration. If you are an organized nature, you can plan your shampoo according to your sports sessions without too much difficulty. Avoid grease only with oils or balms, especially if you have oily hair.

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