Oily scalp stopping!
Oily scalp stopping!
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Oily scalp stopping!

Dirty hair at the end of each day, the cut disappears in a half day, a shampoo every morning … Having an oily scalp is not easy. Discover our tips to reconcile with your hair.

By understanding the origin of oily hair, you can find tips so they stay clean longer and even cure this unpleasant effect.

The origin of oily hair

An oily scalp, it is a bit like a acne-prone skin. On the scalp, hair follicles with associated sebaceous gland, secreting sebum supposed to protect the skin cells. But a hormonal imbalance may increase the activity of the sebaceous glands, is “hyper-seborrhea.” The result is excess sebum and grease the hairline. They become heavy, flatten and come together by strands. It’s greasy hair appearance.

In more advanced cases, hyper-seborrhea can also cause the formation of oily dandruff. Mired in the sebum, they remain plated scalp, promoting the development of bacteria and itching.

Other factors seem to have an important role in the secretion of sebum on the scalp. Stress, maintenance of unsuitable hair and the use of aggressive cosmetics are among the most common. Furthermore, the irritation of the scalp, the misuse of shampoo or by scratching, increases the production of sebum.

Oily scalp, to adopt the right moves

Whenever possible, we must reduce the number of charged shampoos! A less on weekends, or less during the week when you do not have an appointment. Gradually, this habit will have very positive effects and you will take more and longer without washing your hair.

Opt for a short haircut, or who do not need to be touched up all day. The handling of the scalp hair attacks which responds by secreting more sebum. This is the vicious circle!

Using ultra-soft shampoos, very respectful of the scalp. Fatty anti-hair shampoos are designed to regulate the pH of the scalp and are to be used once or twice per week.

Take the pill! Birth control pills oriented in the treatment of acne are also very effective against oily hair since they act on the same principle.

What not to do when you have oily scalp

Do not rub too vigorously the roots shampouinant. Although this gesture gives a clean feeling at the moment, there is assaulting especially the scalp and encourages the sebaceous glands to an even more intense activity. When it does not hurt the scalp blows nails and scratches.

Avoid touching your hair permanently, even if it is to check that they are not fat. With each touch, the sebaceous glands are activated to protect the skin of the skull.

Do not apply conditioner or care on the roots. In case of oily roots / dry ends, that care must be laid only on the tips, below the ears. Otherwise, the hair is weighed down, further strengthening the hair greasy feeling after a few hours.

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