Is Olive Oil An Effective Treatment For Lice?
Is Olive Oil An Effective Treatment For Lice?
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Is Olive Oil An Effective Treatment For Lice?

Are you sick of those small insects crawling on your scalp that cause itching? Lice are a continuous nuisance and mostly affect the kids. If you are or your child is suffering from lice, then it is high time you did something about it. Something like, using olive oil.

Why olive oil? This post gives you the answers. Go ahead and read.

Facts About Olive Oil Treatment

Vegetable oils have been found to be extremely useful in treating lice. Over the years, research has proved that olive oil can effectively treat the lice problem, and it is natural and without any side effects (1). Also, according to a test conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, the lice, when submerged in olive oil for more than two hours, die due to asphyxiation. The olive oil works by coating the skin of the adult lice and deprives them of oxygen. Since their breathing stops, they die.

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