Half of French do not reach orgasms

Orgasms cannot be reach by half of women

The sexuality of French do not seem to be in good shape … Indeed, only half of them reach orgasms.

On the occasion of the World Day of orgasms, December 21, the webcam site CAM4.fr commissioned Ifop poll on women and orgasm. Conducted among a representative sample of 8,000 women living in major European countries (France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Netherlands) and North America (USA, Canada), that survey unveils some of the mysteries of female pleasure and frequency when they reached orgasm.

Renowned for its French kiss, France would in any case not the country of female orgasms. Indeed, the survey reveals that half (49%) of French admit to “fairly regularly” difficulty achieving orgasm. And that only 37% of the French have enjoyed “at least once a week” in the past three months, the lowest proportion in the surveyed countries.

France, the country of the simulation

The French couple seem to suffer more than elsewhere a certain frustration at their antics. Indeed, it was in France that the proportion of women who “often” enjoyed with a partner during their life is lowest: 52%, or a rate below that measured for example in their Latin neighbors ( 69% in Italy, 67% in Spain) or US (64% in the United States). And 25% of French have not had an orgasms during their last report, a record proportion in Europe, nearly twice as high as for example in Netherlands (15%).

Consequently, 31% of French simulate “fairly regularly” orgasm with their partner, or the highest level observed in Western Europe and North America.

In France, the clitoris is too often forgotten

The cause of this sad fact. An oversight of the clitoris! The French seem not practice sexual activities rather effective for women to reach orgasms like masturbation or double stimulation (clitoral and vaginal). “It was in France that vaginal penetration accompanied by a clitoral stimulation is practiced less frequently and only French in three (34%) said the practice” often “, even though it is for them to practice allowing them to more easily reach orgasms: 77% are reached “quite easily” reveals the survey.

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