Overweight boost!You eat too much?
Overweight boost!You eat too much?

Overweight boost!You eat too much?

Overweight boost is characterized by the gradual appearance of fat, excess over the table, around the chest and chest.

Overweight supercharging is also recognizable by the sensations it produces: excessive heat, especially after meals, drowsiness, bloating and other digestive disorders. The excess fat is hot and dense: it focuses just under the skin.

Anti-kilos strategy adapted to this morphotype:

1. Reduce the quantity

Eating in smaller plates.

Although use but never refills.

Drink a full glass of water before each meal.

Use natural appetite suppressant: Dr. Blairvacq recommended to take 1 capsule of guar gum morning, noon and evening during meals with a glass of water.

Never eat while doing something else.

Eating slowly taking the time to chew each bite.

Focus on foods that stall without calories, especially early in the meal: vegetables, soups, salads …

In his book “Lose weight by your body,” Dr. Raphael Blairvacq offers dieting with custom low-calorie menus for this morphotype.

  1. Adapt your diet

Reduce “bad fats”: butter, cream, cheeses, fatty meats, charcuterie …

Reduce intake of sugars (carbohydrates with high glycemic index): sugar, white bread, biscuits, chocolate, confectionery, jams, pastries …

Increase intake of lean protein because protein is satiating.

Reduce alcohol consumption because alcohol brings a lot of calories quickly stored as fat.

Fighting against excessive insulin production by encouraging foods rich in chromium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, omega 3 and tyrosine.

  1. destocking and burn fat

Make exercise: Dr. Blairvacq recommends cycling on alternate days and strength exercises and stretching the upper body.

Taking resveratrol to activate the elimination of fat in the upper body: 1 capsule morning and noon.

Complementary techniques: thermodermie and endermologie.


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