Papaya for health derails!
Papaya when health derails!

Papaya for health derails!

The extract of fermented papaya, the new elixir of youth? Since Professor Luc Montagnier would have provided the Pope John Paul II against Parkinson’s disease, one wonders about the virtues of this miracle substance.

Recent studies have reported on this powerful antioxidant and its real and perceived benefits …

The extract of fermented papaya is there a new addition to the thousand virtues? In interviews Bichat *, the researchers exposed the scientific work on this compound, away from the crazy rumors …

It looks like papaya …

Papaya Papaya health, you have certainly heard of this tropical fruit, which tastes like melon. It is one of the fruits richest in vitamin C, and contain a lot of provitamin A (substance turning into vitamin A). But scientists have ignored these natural riches of fresh fruit to prefer its fermented release. The process would enrich the antioxidant compounds with unsuspected virtues. According to Pr. Luc Montagnier, the fermented papaya would become also interesting for the body than vitamins C and E, beta carotene or selenium.

A general action

Like all antioxidants, fermented papaya helps fight against the formation of excess free radicals, that is to say of toxic substances that accelerate the aging of body cells … But this preparation would also have the property of ” boosting “the immune system, increasing our natural defenses. Also according to the Pr. Montagnier, therefore intend to use this compound in all diseases involving oxidative stress. He cites the positive results in addition to the treatment of sickle cell disease, AIDS or even cancer. Not to mention the possible role of papaya in prevention of age-related diseases.

Fermented Papaya against fermented grape

In interviews Bichat, a concrete example of the benefits of fermented papaya was presented by Prof. Francesco Marotta (Milan). It concerned the protection of the digestive tract against the evils of alcohol in moderate drinkers or alcoholics true. Indeed, papaya would fight against the damage to the stomach by large doses of alcohol. In the long term protection could be obtained against the risk of intestinal cancer! Similarly, papaya seemed to counteract the decline in the absorption of vitamin B12 due to alcoholic beverages. But the effects of this preparation exceeded the ravages associated with excessive drinking: she seemed also play a protective role for the liver in patients with hepatitis C.

Certainly, the fermented papay appears to have a strong antioxidant, and therefore has the known benefits of this type of substance. But it is difficult for now to say that it helps to fight against certain diseases. Because scientific studies still missing … Meanwhile, one rule to refuel antioxidants: at least five fruits and vegetables a day!

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