Peeling home: like new skin!
Peeling home: like new skin!
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Peeling home: like new skin!


The beauty products never stop to amaze us! After the traditional masks and scrubs home, place dermatological peeling  home carried out in the privacy of his bathroom. 

Peeling home makeover Injections of botulinum toxin, collagen, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, peels … .The dermatologists now have a formidable arsenal to make it irresistible and allow us to fight against the effects of time. Women and men do not hesitate to resort to this type of treatment, the immediately visible action. And if the effect “makeover” could now be realized at home, thanks to a new generation of peels combine sweetness and simplicity with dermatological efficiency? Update on these revolutionary products.

A new alternative dermatological

Keep skin smooth, fresh and bright … the dream. An impossible dream? Not so sure with the appearance, made in the USA, the “resurfaçants” or dermatological peels at home.

Not to be confused with a simple scrub. Peeling home aims to eliminate more or less thin layer of the skin to facilitate its regeneration while reducing or eliminating defects such as dullness, irregularities, dilated pores, fine lines and wrinkles, stains brown … There are two types of peels: first peeling home said mechanical or dermabrasif which is to sand a part of the skin to smooth the relief of the skin and micro chemical peels should be applied where a solution to rid the skin of dead cells. More skin is marked, more action should be deep, knowing that there are three degrees of peels: superficial, medium and deep.


The superficial dermatological peeling home executed firm offers a gentler alternative to the other two and can be used on all skin types, including black or Asian and sensitive skin, at 4 to 5 sessions spread over one month. Assets, fruit acids, salicylic acid and glycolic acid essentially “take off” the dead cells of the stratum corneum and help to speed cell renewal.


The novelty: the famous “bang” can now be obtained without a doctor’s office. Sold in drugstores or perfumeries, those famous “resurfaçants” are either in the form of a mask to leave on, either as exfoliating cream to apply massage. “The main difference between a peeling home realized in practice and a peeling home lies in the concentration of active ingredients,” says Dr. Robert Gabbai, dermatologist in Paris. “The peeling home will certainly have an effect lightening complexion but will be less effective and more ephemeral than a dermatological peeling home “.

If these new products are not dermatologists happiness, women, they seem to find their account: these treatments performed at home are reassuring (there is no medical procedure) and it should be emphasized that are more comfortable. Potential tingling and redness that sometimes follow the firm in care are extremely rare at home.

… Tested and approved!

Peeling Lancôme For several years, beauty care experience a considerable growth and are proving increasingly effective in maintaining a youthful appearance. Innovation therefore more than ever about her, and it’s enough! Among the major innovations in technological prowess, Lancôme chose to hit hard by launching the first kit biological and chemical peeling home skin renovator: Resurface Peel. The objective: to combine pleasure cosmetic dermatological efficiency.

Based on an original peeling  home technology, this treatment combines the exfoliating glycolic acid at high power physio-peel enhancer TM, a patented exclusive molecule that speeds up the natural process of peeling home  gently. Truly effective, the skin is smoother, more luminous from the first use. But it is at the end of the treatment period (one month) that the results are actually visible, with a refined skin texture, pores tightened and the attenuated wrinkles.

Extremely friendly skin, Lancôme Resurface Peel Kit is easy to use. While faithfully reproducing gestures dermatologist ten minutes flat enough for a surprising result and maximum safety. In four steps, you realize an ideal maintenance therapy to keep skin smooth and radiant:

Skin preparation with astringent lotion wipes;

Renovation with cream leave on;

Neutralization of acids peeling  home effects through rebalancing wipes;

Comfort with a soothing cream.

This treatment can be applied from 30 years in cure of 8 applications (2 times a week for four weeks). Although it does not completely replace a professional peeling home , the results are amazing. This is an alternative choice for all those who do not wish to cross the door of the doctor’s office, preferring to take care of it in the privacy of their bathroom!

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