Pegan regime: a mix of paleo and vegan
Pegan regime: a mix of paleo and vegan

Pegan regime: a mix of paleo and vegan

Pegan regime is the latest diet which speak. It is a mix between the Paleolithic diet and vegan diet . Florence Foucaut, dietician and nutritionist, gives his views on the new regime.

Dr. Mark Hyman, American nutritionist, is the origin of this new concept. He also talks about pegan regime.

The regime Pegan what is it?

The Pegan  diet plan is inspired by the power of our ancestor the caveman (which consumed, according to the people behind the Paleolithic diet, low in animal protein and lots of vegetables) and the vegan diet ( which excludes all food from the animal world).

The Pegan regime is a diet based on plant introduces some protein and good fats of animal origin. In this sense, the reference to the vegan diet that excludes meat completely, is a mistake. The “peganisme” is more of a Paleolithic diet eased certain constraints.

Professional of Florence Foucaut nutrition seen especially in this new diet “simply reducing the intake of animal protein, which is not so bad because we consume today beyond our needs, and higher the intake of fruits and vegetables. ”

The Pegan regime in practice

Pegan The base consists of 75% of plants and 25% of animal protein (eggs, fish, preferably organic chicken). On his website, Dr. Hyman also lists all the foods to avoid: dairy products, processed foods, industrial sugar, gluten, refined oils.

According to him, the spotlight must be made with fruits, vegetables, seeds, good fats contained in oilseeds (such as nuts), while limiting meat “must be of good quality.” common sense advice on which for the dietician Florence Foucaut, “approximate recommendations for a healthy diet, with a flat still on deleted dairy products.”

Pegan regime: is it really effective?

Florence Foucaut it is difficult to see Pegan regime as a “weight loss” diet. “If you have an unbalanced diet with lots of processed foods and you adopt this diet, there may be weight loss. But it should also be noted that we must pay attention to the weight of nuts, oilseeds and pulses that have a significant energy input. ”

We expect however the Pegan regime effects on energy, the form and wellness. But nothing is assured and if positive changes can be noted, it is impossible to quantify.

The benefits of pegan diet

Foucaut for Florence, one of the advantages of this diet is that it does not totally exclude animal products, it simply reduces the amount and calls to choose quality products. “Here is preserved animal proteins. This is important because they are the only contain vitamin B12, which is not found in the plant world. And without this contribution, there is a risk of deficiencies.” He added: “By reducing the intake of meat, it also reduces the saturated fat and cholesterol.”

Another advantage noted by professional nutrition: “The industrial products processed are excluded and that is good because they contain many additives, preservatives and added sugars It is quite possible to live without added sugar like. sucrose. There are other types of sugars that help provide the glucose required to operate the body. ”

Pegan The regime appears to have many positive effects on health, the effects of which Dr. Hyman lists on its website. He cites positive effects on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, without justified by independent and specific studies on the subject.

“By increasing also the share of fruit and vegetables in the diet increases the intake of vitamins and minerals. It also increases the share of fiber, which has effects on the prevention of certain cancer,” says the specialist .

The disadvantages of the pegan regime

For the dietician two negative points emerge from this scheme. “By completely eliminating dairy products, there is a risk of calcium deficiency. An adult needs 900 mg of calcium a day. Teenagers and elderly people in need 1200 mg. It is true that we find calcium in plants but not in sufficient quantity and especially the calcium is less well absorbed than that in dairy products. ”

The other downside of this pegan regime is to increase fiber intake. According to people this can lead to eating  disorder, diarrhea, constipation.

“I would advise against this regime for sensitive people intestines due to high fiber intake. The risk of calcium deficiency actually an unsuitable diet especially for teenagers and the elderly. Finally, it is never referred physical activity in Pegan plan However, it must always be associated with a balanced diet or a diet, “concludes the dietician.

Pegan ┬áregime is more like a lifestyle “healthy” than a real slimming diet. If it is not suitable for overweight people, it can attract those who want to resume a healthy diet.

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