This is a great truth, but there are also other factors that can positively affect health. Perhaps one of more neglected factors for good health is regular and moderate physical activity or exercise.

With today’s lifestyle people spend most of their time sitting at work or watching television home for fun. With modern and financially available cars, most of the people rarely walk to work, to school or out to grab something to eat. They either sit in the car for a 5-10 minute ride or order food from home. We have become very lazy and immobile, as an irony to all the portable gadgets we have at our disposal just to be able to carry your fun with you for a walk in the park. This way of life which has quite neglected physical activity is a sure path to all diseases. We can present a great illustration about how workout improves our general health by saying that if something is not used, will soon spoil. This can be said about our muscles, bones and internal organs that do not work optimally with low physical activity. If this was not enough to motivate you to exercise then read the following health benefits that exercise or simply 30-minute walk per day can offer for our body

9 health benefits that regular physical activity offers us:

  1. Exercise helps us feel good! Will get rid of stress, produce hormones that give rise to positive feelings, and also contribute for better health.
  2. It strengthens the heart. Given that cardiovascular diseases are still number one cause of death in the world, it is good idea to retrieve all activities that we can in order to prevent their occurrence.
  3. Regular physical activity lowers blood pressure and reduces accelerated pulse, which protects the blood vessels and the heart from stress.
  4. It reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol and also increases levels of “good cholesterol” which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  5. Strengthens bones. Regular physical activity helps bones to easily absorb and retain calcium, thus preventing osteoporosis.
  6. Prevents Exercising outdoors is good in wearing off bad mood.
  7. For higher energy level, exercise regularly! Exercise can help us feel more energetic and motivated to carry out all work and domestic activities and generally, have a more carefree lives.
  8. Exercise is the most important contributor to dietary efforts to reduce and control body weight.
  9. Exercise improves blood circulation, thereby allowing better blood flow in the brain. In this way, it improves concentration, provides better and more efficient supply of nutrients to all cells and tissue, easier removal of all harmful substances from our body, which is important in preventing the occurrence of disease. Good circulation and accelerates the process of wound healing and allows us to sleep better.



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