The Principles of Fabulous Abs
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The Principles of Fabulous Abs

As a Professional Trainer, coach and mentor that works with professionals from every industry including athletes,I am sharing with you the principles of fabulous abs.

Fabulous Abs is a creative and unique and restorative holistic approach to shaping, and restoration with a philosophy linking the foundations of Pilates, yoga, Tai chi, and the art of dance, to create a rejuvenating mind/body workout.

Fabulous Abs Program Movement Principles

You may need to create a quiet space in order to achieve this level of concentration. The eight Principles of Fabulous Abs are essentially as follows:

• Mind and Body Working Together Creates A Neuromuscular Connection – Brain (neuro) and Body (muscular) Connection (working together) Neuromuscular connection. Connection is the senses kinesthetic awareness that allows you to feel and see in your mind what the body is doing. You are using the mind to reeducate the muscles, and you should be totally present with the body at all times during this work.

• Mindful Movement. Move With Grace and Style. Developing a connection between how the movement feels and how your body responds will make your workouts more purposeful. The more clearly you can see your body in your mind’s eye and get a mental picture of your new body looking the way you want it to, you will get a sense of perfection with the exercise which is what makes the connection so powerful.

• Conscious Control (See it & Feel it) Visualize your Desired Result with Precision- When defining your abs and other parts of your physique you must both engage and observe. Be engaged and aware during your every move. Be attentive to every aspect of the movement throughout and observe how it feels, how your body is reacting to the move, how your spine feels. Is your navel drawn in toward your spine? Is your breathing complete and rhythmic?

• Ballet Center Hollowing – Get in the Groove; Find the Grove Pattern, Imprint, Indents Groves. A particular focus on the torso (abs, pelvis girdle, lower back, gluts) develops a strong core and enables the rest of the body to function efficiently. All action initiates from the trunk and flows to the extremities.

• Calm Mental State – Before you move you have to be still and this makes for a safe starting place for mobility. Finally, when you are ready, intensity of movement and the addition of resistance allow stamina to be built in the body.

• Breath – Complete and Deep. The coordinated, conscious diaphragmatic patterns of inhales and exhales initiates movement, help activate deep muscles and keep
you focused.

• Total Alignment – Correct Alignment is Paramount to Good Posture – You will be aware of the position of your head and neck on the spine and pelvis, right down through the legs and toes. If one muscle or bone of the body is out of alignment then the whole structure is affected whether we are sitting on the ball, standing on our feet, or lying on a mat.

• Graceful Movements – Smooth, Continuous motion rather than jarring repetitions. The principles of flow and precision open the door to a holistic movement experience that is as beautiful to watch, as it is to perform.

• Total Body Focus – Several different muscle groups are engaged simultaneously to Control and support movement.

Understanding that your core is symbolic of your own personal power, your power from within will help you make the connection in other areas of your life as well.

That is what makes vertical training unique. As you go through the program and begin to try out each exercise and get a feel for how your body is responding them. To experience greater isolation that will bring you a better body, you can make simple adjustments that will be spelled out for each one individually within the program.
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