Protein diet : the secrets of success
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Protein diet : the secrets of success

In recent years, protein diet has become the  way to lose weight. At which point we have seen explode the number of bags brands.

How to avoid deficiencies of protein diet? High protein foods or substitutes, what difference? How many grams of protein should be taken with meals? Advice to preserve his health, the stuff not to resume kilos, follow the guide.

The waistline of the French took 2.6 cm in 5 years! And some will try to remedy various methods, including the famous “protein diet”. The idea of this diet is simple: compensate the unavoidable reduction of fats and sugars in the diet with protein.

The idea is thus to keep satiety while preventing muscle wasting. If this diet may be effective, it must take some precautions to protect their health but also avoid repeating all the kilos lost in the judgment. Here are tips to read before embarking.

Gare deficiencies

Be careful with the use of bags: the protein diet usually requires supplementation with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids to avoid deficiencies. Indeed, the risk deleting calorie foods is to remove the beneficial nutrients they contain. Supplementation is therefore essential not to damage the health. Another essential: water. At least 2 liters a day.

Make no mistake bags

Protein diet Caution, do not confuse “Snacks” and high protein “meal replacements” high protein.

Snacks high protein supplements come in a balanced diet (and often low-calorie). It can be of sachets for example puddings or bars. They are not intended to replace a meal, but to supplement our diet.
high protein meal replacements can as the name implies replace a meal. They meet the standards required for substitutes. They must thus contain different elements so as to be balanced. however impossible to replace all meals with bags.
Taste or proteins

You find that certain preparations lack of taste: careful, often the most goûtus products are also those who have the least protein. Because we have less protein, more can be added other compounds (fats, sugar …) that will allow to increase the flavor. A protein sachet 14 or 15 g protein per 100 g will have more taste than a bag 18 g, but the scheme will be less effective …

No wild schemes

Needless to take bags to the haphazard, then do an intensive treatment one week before the beach. It takes the approach and commitment. At a minimum, go to specialty shops and buy yourself a book (I Slim funds and it lasts, editions marabout for example). Better, please contact a doctor who will give you a method adapted to your profile and ensure serious follow. The medical monitoring is also essential if you are seeking quick weight loss.

In any case, forget the protein diet if you:

Have type 1 diabetes.
Severe kidney disease.
Have heart failure or heart problems.
Suffer from liver failure.
If you are  pregnant or nursing.
And this diet is not recommended for children.

Avoid embarrassment

Despite its advantages, the high-protein diet is not without bothersome side effects. The main bad breath is … inevitable: it shows that the system works! Indeed, when the body burns fat, there is a phenomenon called ketosis: there are production residues which are eliminated including expirations. Think chewing gum, mouthwash and herbal tea with mint …

Rarer but more annoying, the diet can sometimes cause headaches and constipation. In this case, consult your doctor.

Do not miss the stabilization

The problem with protein bags is that we replace meals without learning to eat better: when we stop, it resumes its old habits and immediately regained the kilos. Only way to successfully stabilize: enjoy the regime to learn to eat better. In trying to move towards the Cretan diet: more fruits and vegetables, less meat over fish, olive oil, etc. A good trick to learn is to take protein salty snack (typical preparation for omelette or other) that is accompanied by vegetables … then we replace a little small by “real” protein foods, keeping the meal structure balanced.

Another essential aspect sustainably increase their physical activity from the start of the protein diet … and permanently!

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