Quick steps to get rid of fat waist
Quick steps to get rid of fat waist

Quick steps to get rid of fat waist

If you are suffering from the accumulated fat around the waist, which cause you to look troublesome to you Madam these tips to get rid of these fats:
  • Stay away from all contain refined white sugar, Kalmajnat, sweets of all kinds, canned juices, white bread, jams, dried fruit, molasses, honey and ice cream, and Astbdlleha fruits rich, fresh vegetables, fiber and certain varieties of the category of carbohydrates Kbz bran or whole wheat , rich in fiber Bran corn flakes, wheat is boiled peeled, boiled noodles.
  • Discard takeaway and choose chickpeas, lentils, grains instead of beans in addition to meat that does not contain a lot of fat in all the meals as a piece of veal or chicken breast or grilled fish, as well as Focus on fish and seafood intake in addition to nuts, since these are indispensable nutrients in omega-3, which is working on the re-distribution of fat throughout the body.
  • Make sure you exercise that works to burn fat and waist circumference abdominal area and then to four times a week at a minimum, and preferably under the supervision of trainer, in order to differentiate between the exercises that work to strengthen the muscles and those that work to burn fat in these Region.

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