Quinoa plant for weight loss
Quinoa plant for weight loss

Quinoa plant for weight loss

See the importance of the quinoa plant  as an important element in our nutritionist  foods that will help us to lose weight.

the quinoa plant is  scientifically  a kind of seed which is closer to the spinach and chard, and provides quinoa complete protein, which makes it a special nutritional value for those who prefer to minimize or forego entirely from animal protein from their diets as it contains all the essential amino acids , including lysine, which are important for the growth and repair of body tissues as one cup of quinoa provides 9 grams of protein.

Protection of migraines

Magnesium and riboflavin ratio (B2 high) make quinoa plant  excellent for patients with migraine, where magnesium prevents migraines pattern of cramping and hung up in the blood vessels. Migraine patients who consumed the most magnesium in their diets suffer from less of a headache bouts stated.

The riboflavin has the ability to promote cellular energy production, which has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and energy, brain and muscle cells to provide more protection against migraine attacks.

Cardiovascular Health

It means magnesium’s ability to relax blood vessels also because eating foods that contain this mineral helps to reduce high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias and  heart disease.

Digestion and detoxification

These seeds have a feed beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract characteristics. Since it is easily your body can quickly access to vitamins and minerals contained in the digest.
Source of fiber:

The quinoa plant  also provides a good source of fiber is soluble and promotes waste disposal process and helps to maintain the health of the colon and prevent the formation of gallstones. The folic acid and vitamin B in the quinoa reinforce the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body.


The quinoa plant  provides nearly half of the minimum daily requirement for manganese, and is considered a good source of copper and zinc. These minerals are necessary to assemble the enzyme Aldezmutaz Super Antioxidant, where he spends the free radicals that can cause damage in the body.


Nor is it only slows the effects of aging, but helps eliminate cancer cells. Many companies enzyme supplements provide superior Aldezmutaz but quinoa can body from the production of natural enzymes by himself.

How to eat quinoa

The quinoa plant  has a strange flavor, a little similar to wild rice. Then Baghlia such as rice, but with a shorter cooking time. Try replacing the Einwa rice in stuffed peppers or along with beans and avocado

You can make a hot breakfast cereals using quinoa along with honey, dried or fresh fruit, or used anywhere other grains, you can make a salad-like tabbouleh using quinoa, nuts and seeds and chopped vegetables. You can also add quinoa to soups.

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