Regime of the season 2016

Regime of the season 2016

Discover 3 new methods to a diet without complex back in 2016: the Dash diet, the Miami  regime and Thonon  regime.

The Dash diet: a new regime that already many followers


the outline of this plan are simple. We put the package on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products low in fat and dried fruit, while we limit sugar intake, salt and saturated fat.


this system allows you to quickly knock out the curves that have settled over time and regain a healthy weight. In addition, the program can help lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes and osteoporosis, but also to improve the ability to concentrate.


Although it provides all the nutrients and energy needed to stay healthy, this diet requires to weigh and count the food, which may seem tedious at first. The program also provides for the abolition of almost all sweet products and fats and it can be difficult to follow over the long term.
The Miami regime: a regime came to South Beach is all the rage
Principle :

developed by a cardiologist established in Florida, this low carbohydrate diet can lose weight fast while restoring the recommended levels of good HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose (sugar). Based on 3 phases, the program focuses on fruits and vegetables, and proscribed foods with high glycemic index (GI).


this simple and effective diet does not lead to deficiencies and is not too high in fat. The Miami Plan to quickly lose weight while maintaining muscle mass and you déshabituant sugar. It is a great way to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


this is to completely change your eating habits and drastic diet can be hard to follow at first because the lack of sugar is sometimes terribly felt. The regime is not always convenient because it can be difficult to reconcile with daily life.

The Thonon regime: an efficient system in vogue and easy to follow


This program allows you to lose a lot of weight in record time. It is based on two types of scheme: a low calorie diet in sugar and fat and a high protein diet, with meals rich in lean meat, eggs and fish.


over 2 weeks, easy and efficient system enables rapid weight loss (between 6 and 10 kg). It is suitable for fruit and vegetable lovers and those who want quickly lose some weight for a special occasion.


This program can cause fatigue and cause vitamin deficiency and minerals. Menus can also seem monotonous, creating frustrations and cause the yoyo effect. Always remember to consult your doctor before undertaking such a rigorous regime.


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