rice is an essential beauty ingredients
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rice is an essential beauty ingredients

Women’s beauty secret in Asia, rice is known to bend over backwards to take care of the health of the skin and hair.

Cultivated for millennia in Asia, rice is now consumed throughout the world. The vast majority of active compounds is contained in the casing which surrounds the seed, rice bran. A true treasure of beauty, in the form of oil or scrub, these ingredients are resourceful to pamper the epidermis often manhandled sports.That’s why,rice is the secret of asian women’s skin and hair beauty.So, Rise is the effective ingredient for women’s beauty

What is it ?

It is from rices bran that gets cold pressure by pure vegetable oil. Rich in protective antioxidants and nourishing phytosterols, it provides an ideal synergy to protect the skin of skin aging and external aggressions. Once sprayed, the rice bran particles are effective to achieve a gentle exfoliation of the skin without irritating it. Finally, entering the heart of the hair, the rice bran proteins play a role in strengthening and volumizing shampoos and hair care.


Why it’s good for the sport?

Thanks to its anti-radical molecules complex, oil fight against skin aging and protects against oxidative stress (wind, UV …). Moisturizing and soothing by the presence of phytosterols, it is also known to activate the microcirculation dyed asphyxiated by surrounding pollution. Its dry touch is ideal after sport, leaving the skin soft without feeling greasy. Against thin hair, soft, without volume and tired, rice proteins are water swell and give a volumizing effect interesting for hair difficult to comb.

How should we use it?

On the skin, the vegetable oil can be applied pure, because it penetrates sufficiently quickly into the skin, or in mixture with essential oils or other vegetable oils as a face or body cream. Recipe minute, you can easily whip up anti-redness face oil by mixing 250 ml of rices bran oil with 30 drops of essential oil of Cistus (coniferous shrub Mediterranean). In cosmetics ready for use, there are scrubs rices bran well suited to facial or body. Stores specializing in natural products offer the rice protein in a liquid form which can be combined with other ingredients to manufacture shampoos or hair care home.


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