Risk factors and prevention of bladder cancer
Bladder cancer :Risk factors and prevention of bladder cancer
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Risk factors and prevention of bladder cancer

 bladder cancer is a really danger disease that kill a lot of people each year. That’s why,  we need to be aware of these following risk factors and prevention of bladder cancer.

Risk factors

Smoking: more than half of cases of bladder cancer attributable to it. Smokers (cigarettes, pipes or cigars) are at nearly three times more likely than nonsmokers to be suffering from carcinoma of the vessie1. People exposed to secondhand smoke are also likely;

Prolonged exposure to certain toxic industrial chemicals (combustion products of natural gas, aromatic amines, compounds of cadmium, chemicals for photographic use, acrylic fibers, polyethylene, titanium oxide and chlorine) 2. For example, the textile workers, rubber or aluminum, and painters are more threatened. The bladder cancer is one of three occupational cancer recognized by the World Organization health3;

Some medications containing cyclophosphamide, used primarily in chemotherapy, can cause urothelial carcinomas;

Radiation therapy to the pelvic area (the basin). Some women who have undergone radiation therapy for cervical cancer had a subsequent bladder tumor.


Basic preventive measures

Do not smoke or stop smoking greatly reduces the risks;

People exposed to carcinogenic chemicals in their work should use safety equipment provided by the employer;

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables could prevent the development of cancer cells in the bladder;

Drinking lots also diminishes the risk, since by increasing the amount of urine, diluted toxic and carcinogenic products present in the bladder.

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