Rose water for skin and hair
Rose water for skin and hair
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Rose water for skin and hair

The rose water of femininity, rose hydrolat soothes redness, cleanses your skin, gives it radiance and leaves it as soft as that of a baby. It is also used on hair.

  1. Rose water for skin and hair

What is rose water?


Obtained by a process of distillation of the flower, rose water is a hydrolat which has many benefits for the skin, and especially that of the face. Among the many varieties that exist, the rose of Damascus presents the best yield.

For the history, it is today cultivated in different countries, from Turkey to Morocco. It is also in the Arab countries that rose water was originally used for skin care, and this from the … 10th century! It first served in cosmetics, before it was found to have a culinary and even therapeutic utility since it can relieve, in particular, headaches. Two varieties of rose especially correspond to a cosmetic use: the Centifolia (“Cent-feuilles”) and the rose of Damas.


The water (or hydrolat) of rose is a true ally of the skin, that not only will it clean up, but also tone, without forgetting of course its refreshing effect and its subtle odor. Astringent, rose water is still recommended for oily or acne prone skin. Mature skin will appreciate it for its anti-aging action. And since inner well-being plays an important part in the external beauty, let us know that it is highly prized in olfactotherapy to ease tensions and help to find inner peace.

Benefits of rose water for the skin


A few drops of rose water in the bath water will allow you to see the feeling of softness and soothing it provides. But that’s not all ! Rich in essential fatty acids, rose water helps the fibroblasts and the hydrolipidic barrier, which helps you to keep a firm skin. In addition, it protects against free radicals thanks to the presence of vitamin E in its composition. Rose water has other advantages: anti-inflammatory, it limits the appearance of redness, especially on dry skin. It is also very easy to use since it is enough to spray of water of rose every morning on its face, its bust and its arms to have a more tonic skin.


To revitalize the skin: vegetable oils of musky rose, borage and evening primrose, cistus hydrolates, orange blossom, lavender and rosemary, essential oils of rosewood and rose.

To fight against irritations: chamomile, witch hazel, lavender and linden hydrolates, oily calendula macerate, lavender essential oil.

Benefits of rose water for the face


It can be used simply as tonic lotion, with cotton or in spray, to clean and purify the epidermis, and even in cleansing lotion. It is especially recommended if you have oily skin as it is astringent and therefore fights the excess of sebum. It is also your friend if you have acne skin: on the one hand, it limits the appearance of pimples, on the other hand, it has antiseptic and healing properties that can avoid unsightly marks.


For anti-wrinkle action: cistus hydrolate, honey.

Against rosacea: essential oil or cistus hydrolate.

For a radiant complexion: white or pink clay.

Benefits of Rose Water for Hair


By spraying a little rose water on your scalp and then massaging, you will calm irritations and inflammations. Cleansing the scalp and promoting blood circulation will also help in hair growth.


No known synergies.

How to choose rose water?

As with all hydrolats, be sure to buy 100% pure rose water, that is, without adding alcohol and / or preservative. The biological mention is of course a plus. It costs about 15 € per liter.

Where to buy rose water?

You can quite make your rose water yourself. A handful of rose petals (untreated) and 25 cl of distilled (or mineral) boiling water are sufficient. The whole must infuse for 20 minutes, out of the fire, before being filtered. Otherwise, it is possible to buy rose water in organic shops, parapharmacy, but also on the Internet.


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