Sabal serrulata for beautiful breasts
Sabal serrulata for beautiful breasts
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Sabal serrulata for beautiful breasts

Most of the women are concerned with getting  beautiful breasts.Now,  by using  Sabal serrulata you can achieve your goal.

You would like to have a more voluminous chest and have already tried many miracle cures? But in recent months, your friends you praise the merits of a miracle herbal product: Sabal serrulata! What really of this much-hyped? Can Herbal be the solution for small breasts?

To treat prostate

Sabal serrulata, a plant for beautiful breasts & nbsp ;? Sabal serrulata, Saw palmetto, Serenoa repens, Saw Palmetto … all these names refer to the same plant, native to Florida. This plant is well known in herbal medicine. He also made himself a name in conventional medicine. Indeed, the Sabal demonstrated in numerous studies to be effective in the treatment of prostate adenomas (volume of the prostate which causes urinary difficulties). This disease, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia, usually occurs in men over 50 years. Other studies have also shown a beneficial effect of saw palmetto on cancers, always at the prostate. But how this product, which seemed reserved for men, can it help women?

An effect on breast?

It is not known exactly Sabal serrulata mechanism of action on the prostate. But it is certainly an action on the production of sex hormones. It’s probably what convinced several specialist in herbal medicine to propose to increase the breasts. But what exactly is it? Few studies have evaluated the action of saw palmetto on the female breast. One of the only jobs available has seen action in vitro extract palm on different cells: prostate, skin, epididymis, testes, kidney and breast. The results are clear: the Sabal actually has an effect on prostate cells, but absolutely no effect on other cells, including breast!

And in practice?

Although other specific studies would be needed to ensure the effectiveness or otherwise of this plant. Tests in humans would be so interesting. Meanwhile, the various testimonies of people who have tried not to argue in favor of this miracle plant.


What cons-indications?

If however you want to try this product, get medical advice first. For any treatment, even if it comes to herbal medicine, can cause more or less severe side effects. Thus, a US study pointed out a pretty serious case: a patient with the consumption of Sabal had caused serious bleeding problems. These disorders disappeared a few days after he stopped eating this vegetable. Other patients also suffered from intestinal disorders due to excessive consumption of saw palmetto. Some manufacturers recommend also formally the use of this plant in pregnant women. In all cases, follow the dose and see your doctor if health problems arise.

Keep your chest!

And if you stop believing in miracle pills to enlarge the chest? Because as pointed to a study published in June 2003, Herb specialties to make a large breasts, they contain Sabal serrulata, hops, kava, yam, etc. have not proved effective. Especially, we do not know their potential long-term adverse effects, particularly for plants which causes hormonal stimulation.

Herb specialties guide for breast augmentation

For Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman, author of the study and interviewed by Healthmagazinehouse, “despite the lack of evidence of their effectiveness, these products are very popular because they make a lot of publicity … and it always will a market for hope “! And as stressed Dr. Fugh-Berman, it is best that these drugs have no effect on breast size! Indeed, “if ever one of these products showed effective, the question is what is its exact action on tissues? In fact, it actually stimulates cell multiplication, it should worry about the risks of causing cancers of the breast long term “!

In any case, ask the right question: do you really need? Because in this matter, the cup size is often a matter of fashion that should free yourself! Maybe you miss mostly self-esteem and do you learn to accept your body.

As emphasized Dr. Adriane Fugh Bernard, “a woman who trusts it will always be attractive, whatever its forms.” So big, small, pear-shaped shells in … what? All breasts have their charm and benefits of Sabal serrulata! And it often does not take much to put your breast and make your breasts an asset, but not swallow anything!

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