The safety standards for baby toy

The safety standards for baby toy

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the baby toy can be a source of stress for parents. Increased anxiety since the recall of defective Chinese-made toys

Baby toy safety standards Intended for consumers who are unaware of the danger, the toys are subject to very close attention of the authorities. Specific obligations are set out in Decree No 89-662 of 12 September 1989, that regulation was updated twice during the last ten years, in 1996 and 2000.

The supervised toys

Since the beginning of the new millennium, toys are rigorously tested. The mechanical and physical properties are verified, flammability and migration of certain controlled items, chemical and electrical characteristics examined in detail.

In 2006, the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control conducted 5439 inspections of toys. Of 611 items collected, 52% were found in compliance, 30% and 18% non-compliant and unsafe. Only 52% who meet all these security requirements have benefited the CE mark (European Community).

The toy market is very guarded, especially by the European Commission. This recently asked these states to strengthen their supervisory actions. In particular, proposed new, stricter rules for toys, waiting to be adopted.

Choosing baby toys

How to find amidst the plethora of toys that offer specialized shops or supermarkets? How to choose toys for our children being sure that they will run no danger? “We must check the packaging that the CE mark is well signposted and regularly Check the condition of the toy, eg wear, batteries …” says Chantal, nursery nurse assistant. “You must avoid toys that come from foreign countries that do not have our safety rules and also those who do not seem very strong,” she adds. In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the various warnings on the packing. A statement like “Small components that can be swallowed or inhaled” informed of the dangers of certain toys.

As for the age limitations, they should especially not be overlooked. Indeed, a toy that is marked “not suitable for children under 36 months”, shall under no circumstances fall into the hands of a small child who has less than three years. Last necessary verification: check if the toy is sold with instructions and precautions.

In short, pacing the toy department and fill the trolley doll and robots will now be a piece of cake!


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