Sauna has great benefits
Sauna: whiplash
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Sauna has great benefits

Using sauna has great benefits in our body,and we should use it as much as we could.Below, i will give some reasons why it is recommended to be used.

The principle of the sauna is very different from the hammam. In a small cabin, intense, dry heat is distributed through hot stones. Scented eucalyptus water is poured thereon at regular intervals.

A thermostat indicates the sauna temperature (which varies between 70 and 100 ° C) and a small hourglass used to evaluate the time spent there. When sitting or lying installing them on wooden benches for a few minutes (usually between 5 and 10 minutes).

Over the bench, the higher the heat is intense. Heat causes rapid and substantial transpiration. When the heat becomes hard to bear, it is advisable to go out and take a cold shower. This cooling of the body is essential. Before returning to the sauna, it is best to rest a while.

Ideally, the sauna is naked practice. Everyone sits or lies on his towel and is used to wrap the body. Men and women are together. In Finland, it  is often followed by a vigorous massage.

The sauna for weight loss

The sauna cleanses the body from within by accelerating the elimination of toxins and other wastes through perspiration. It improves the tone. The shock of the cold shower or cold bath after heat boosts blood and lymph circulation and provides a feeling of relaxation.

It can help reduce cellulite and orange skin, especially when followed by a vigorous massage, and strengthen the effectiveness of dieting by welfare it provides. But beware, people tend to make rosacea or who have cadiovasculaires disorders (varicose veins, palpitations, hypertension …) should avoid it because the intense heat causes vasodilation which can exacerbate these problems. The hammam, where heat is less intense, is better suited to them.


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