Scalp massage for your hair
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Scalp massage for your hair

The scalp massage is a beneficial effect on the balance of your hair. Performed by a qualified person, hairdresser, physiotherapist, osteopath, he resembles a hair care. You can also practice self-massage by following some very simple basic movements to implement.

Caring scalp massage for dry hair

The self-massage of the scalp is suitable for people who have dry hair and scalp dehydrated.

What are its benefits  of scalp massage on the hair?

Stimulate the scalp by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, massage relaxes the nerve endings and oxygen capillary vascular system.

Leather massage for  hair cells: When the scalp is not enough blood supply, blood can no longer fulfill its feeding function. Taking off the hair cures, massage allows the blood circulation to play its role as carrier of nutrients, essential for the proper functioning of capillaries. Re-energized again, germ cells will power, regenerate hair.

Self-massage, a false friend greasy hair: the scalp massage can irritate the sebaceous glands and worsen seborrheic hypersecretion. Only an experienced practitioner can perform a massage on an oily scalp

The technique of scalp massage

The  scalp massage is practiced with the fingertips, the soft ends to exert gentle pressure that will awaken the scalp. Elbows on the table to distribute the pressure of your fingers, start exercising:

Place the fingers of both hands, slightly apart, on the head at the front area;

Squeeze the skin with a very slight movement back and forth fingers, almost without moving. This is the scalp that must move and not the fingers;

3 – Vary the finger pressure during this exercise until you feel a feeling of warmth spreads;

Repeat this mobilization on other areas of the scalp, above his head, the temporal areas, behind the ears, and finish with the neck.

Directed regularly, this oxygen self-massage the scalp gently and stimulates

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