Scanning hair: A Successful highlighting
Scanning hair: A Successful highlighting
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Scanning hair: A Successful highlighting

To change the head or just to boost the shine of your hair, you want to try scanning the experience? Even if we talk less and less sweeping and more light up, here are some things to know before starting … lounge preferably!

Scanning is a technique to slightly lighten a color and give it sheen. As explained Valérie Ganci, technical trainer at Franck Provost “scanning term is an appellation rather outdated Today we talk more set of lights, contrasts game..” For it is actually these little nuances that make the difference.

Scanning, coloring and wicks

Scanning With the scanning, everything is in contrast. Where the color changes the color of the hair evenly, the scan gives a more processed, more natural. He approaches the locks that they give a more clear-cut result. “The change is much more visual with wicks. With the sweep, we will get a softer effect. It is natural that is paramount.”

As for the staining, there are scanning kits to perform at home. But Valerie Ganci strongly advises them: “This is a very precise and meticulous technical risk is to have yellow spots on the hair and a result far from natural.”. And it will be difficult to catch in lounge which was missed at home!

The scan for who and what color?

With few exceptions, the scan is suitable for all hair types. “Of course, if you have relaxed hair and therefore already aware we will proceed smoothly and perhaps by step” prevents pro. Just as we will avoid scanning the flappers cuts. A minimum of 5 cm in length if we want to avoid the stain effect.

color side, the ideal is to stay in something natural, to clarify two tones: “Brown pass such a chocolate brown, but no more.” Beyond that, the result will be too strong and illusion effect sought with the scanning will have no meaning.

Maintaining my sweep

If we look first of all with the swipe a natural result, the process is not: “When you do a scan, it changes the nature of the hair which is then slightly sensitized and the result is definitive.” So if you are not satisfied, you will have no choice but to board head under the tank because you can expect to see the color disappear with time. It will become clear at most.

And for those who are excited about their change in color, know that the scan does not require any special maintenance. Shampoos, hair conditioners and masks for hair with highlights, and voila! These special care will help the hair to keep its shine and reflections. They will boost the maximum color. Finally note, not too aware the hair fiber is expected at least three months before making another sweep.

Scan, the last things to know

– If you have recently made a coloration, no worries, you can get started. By cons, if you are used to multiply the colorings, blow drying, smoothing … beware. The ideal is to speak with your hairdresser, tell him everything you did “suffer” to your hair. Only he can tell you if it is good or not to make a sweep that as a classic coloring will tend to raise the hair.

– By cons, if you just make a permanent, smoothing or straightening, “it is best to do a good shampoo before going in lounge, just to remove all product residues on the surface of the hair fiber “advises the trainer Franck Provost.

Stars side, when you think scanning and light show we of course think of Jennifer Aniston and her hair still on top with its golden reflections. “But there is not one celebrity who does not make a sweeping” assures Valérie Ganci. Like what with sweeping everything in subtlety!

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