School harassment: how to respond?

School harassment: how to respond?

School harassment  has become a real scourge. The numbers are alarming. Faced with the resurgence of this phenomenon, an “Action Against Violence in Schools” campaign was carried out and measures were taken by the Ministry of Education.

School harassment: how to respond?

But ,as parents, how to prevent and react when her child is a victim of this phenomenon? The point with the doctor in psychopathology Hélène Romano.

Damien gets locked up in the bathroom regularly and gets a punch. Juliette struggles with a reputation of lesbian launched by a girl of 6th. Jeremiah 11, no longer wants to go to school, and her academic results have dropped considerably … In the documentary “Le Monde en Face”, the director Carole Gaessler gives the floor to these victims of school harassment , their parents and Of former stalkers. The figures are alarming: 380 000 pupils of CE2 in high school are victims of severe harassment. 700,000 are affected by “moderate harassment” and 4.5% of pupils are cyber-harassed, according to figures from the Ministry of Education. Beyond these official data, there are all those who suffer in silence, who are silent and are ashamed of feeling unloved and rejected.

The different forms of School harassment

School harassment is not easy, often sneaky attacks, often invisible to adults “Harassment takes place behind the backs of school principals When you are a victim, We can have an attitude that leaves nothing to appear: the child puts a carapace, it is shielded “specifies the doctor in psychopathology to CHU Henri Mondor , Hélène Romano. It gives us its definition of this phenomenon: “It is a process which aims at intentionally wounding, and which inscribes itself in duration. It can be exercised from one individual to another, or more collectively from a group There are many forms, be it moral, physical, material or sexual harassment “.


Julien casts insults on his mother and sister. “He’s waiting for me to react,” said the 13-year-old. Moral harassment mostly involves insults, threats, disqualifications, mockery as well, whether on size, weight or a particularity, experienced as a physical disgrace: it is the case of Mary, who is called “Monkey’s Mouth”.


Victor often receives tapes on the back of his neck in the courtyard. In terms of physical harassment, one finds crooked hooks, slaps … “There are no fights, the child gets grown, heckle” detailed our expert. Gabriel often finds himself running in recreation to escape a student who “bites” him.


“You suck me,” says Hugo 14-year-old Hugo to Fleur, joining the gesture to the word. Most of the time, these are insults related to the genitals, sex of girls and boys, with displaced gestures, hands on the buttocks, breasts … This type of school harassment can be Of boys on girls, and vice versa, but also between boys and girls. “This can start at the primary level, from the first signs of puberty,” says Helene Romano.


Nicolas returns regularly with his damaged kit and his laced bag. In material harassment, the child gets poked his kit, his notebook of correspondence … Its affairs are made to him soaked or torn. “It’s different from the racket!” Says the doctor in psychopathology.


Harassment has taken hold of new technologies. Intimate photos and mocking / degrading comments circulate by mobile, or are posted on Facebook. “A new mode of harassment very violent, which often proves to be a cruelty” commented the expert. And especially that moves harassment from school to home, anywhere and anytime, via mobiles and social networks.

School harassment : sometimes dramatic consequences

In the face of school harassment, children can react in a variety of ways. Some withdraw, they become more irritable. In more acute forms, they may develop depressive disorders, anxiety or OCD. “A harassed child can accumulate several symptoms, sleep disorders, back pain, school anxiety,” explains our expert. Often, a decline in academic performance goes hand in hand.

But the most significant is that it isolates itself. “A harassed child is a scapegoat, and the group is going to league against him, ignoring his difficulty in a tacit agreement …” continues the psychologist. He is often unable to speak positively about his classmates … Besides, he does not.

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