Seduction strategies that men used with women

Seduction strategies that men used with women

The eating habits of men reflect a set of  seduction strategies, such as seduction. A man who wants to seduce eat more to impress his potential sweetheart.

No need for mechanical roll of using seduction to seduce a woman. The seduction plan the male would be far from the cliché of the romantic shiny car or restaurant. The technique is rather on the plate: men eat more to impress a woman. This is the unusual conclusion of a study from Cornell University, United States, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science.

US researchers have found that men tended to let go more on food when they were in the presence of women at that table when they ate with men. It would be a symbolic way to assert their superiority and thus to enhance the face to the opposite sex.

The authors of the study have made this observation by observing the feeding behavior of 105 adults in an Italian restaurant offered a buffet with the menu or pizzas or salads.

Appraisal: the men had a bigger mouthful whatever the flat when they were selected in the presence of women. The men in the presence of women ate 83% more pizza than men who ate the pizza men. Most reasonable that chose salads have also tended to eat more in contact with women.

A tactic against-productive?

This overeating as seduction strategy is an unconscious way of signaling their fitness to women, Kevin Kniffin analysis, the researcher author of the study. A paradoxical tactic as “overeating produces an effect on the silhouette that makes it less attractive in the eyes of women,” observes the researcher.

The men’s reasoning differs from women who are more likely to pay attention to what they eat at the first appointment.

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