Seizures in children

Seizures in children

Seizures in children
High fever is the leading cause of seizures in children. Although impressive, these seizures usually remain benign. In all cases, the child must always be seen by a physician or brought to the emergency.

The unfolding crisis is immutable. Intervenes firstly body stiffening phase and contractures. Then the subject knows a release phase with a variable time period unconsciousness.

Protect children

During seizures, do not upset the child. Thinking only to protect: using cushions and towels, prevent it collides with the surrounding objects.

During the relaxation phase, carefully tilt the child’s head back then put the victim in the recovery position.

Is it fever?

The convulsions in children is essential before taking its temperature. For fever, remove all her clothes and leave the child to fresh air. You can also give him a bath of a temperature two degrees to that of the child.

Warning, if the crisis does not stop, call the SAMU (15)! Never put your fingers into the child’s mouth convulsing because you may be bitten.

A tip to prevent attacks of convulsion: always take a children temperature if you think he may have fever. For this use a thermometer. In fact, put a hand on the forehead is not enough to evaluate its temperature!

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