Self tanning creams, for or against?
Self tanning creams, for or against?
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Self tanning creams, for or against?

The self tanning creams that flood the market are tempting when one likes to arrive on his vacation place already tanned or to have the complexion tanned all the year. But are they effective and especially do they incur risks to health?

The Benefits of self tanning creams:
Self-tanners color the superficial layers of the epidermis, but without soliciting the mechanisms of natural defenses of the skin. Thus, they make it possible to obtain a more or less dark complexion, but do not cause skin thickening or production of melanin (pigment darkening the color of the skin), the two phenomena responsible for what is called tanning . The advantage is therefore to satisfy his desire to be tanned all the year, without accelerating the aging of the skin, nor increase the risk of developing cutaneous cancer.

And disadvantages!
The term self tanning creams  is misleading because it does not correspond to a true tan. You should not consider yourself tanned, and therefore protected from the sun, if the color of your skin has become tanned thanks to the use of self-tanning cream. In the summer, between noon and 4 pm, UV levels are among the highest in the year, with a 7/8 (very strong) index at sea level in metropolitan France. Thus, the skin, even self-tanning, will receive in the absence of sun protection, a very serious sunburn in barely an hour of exposure! A severe burn can occur in less than two hours.

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