Sex in men mind more than women

Sex in men mind more than women

To find out if a reality behind the idea that “men think about sex a lot,” the Ohio researchers in the US have released all the stops! 

They then subjected to various questionnaires on their view of sexuality and their intimate practices.Then they handed them a counting device and asked them to count the number of times they thought about sex in all its forms. Then they repeated the operation on all the thoughts connected with food or sleep, so as not to influence the subjects for sexual thoughts.

After analyzing the results, we find that men have an average of 19 per day thoughts related to sexuality against 10 for women. But men also have many more thoughts turned to food: 18 times against 15 for women; or to sleep: 11 for men against 8.5 for women.

Terri Fisher, director of the study and professor of psychology in Ohio in the United States says “This is very significant. This suggests that men have more of this kind of thinking as women or they have more easy to identify. It’s hard to know, but what is certain is that they do not think about sex unqiuement but also other biological needs. ”

Some women have reported up to 140 thoughts on sexuality in the day. “A much higher value than what we could have expected. And no women reported never think about sex during the day. So also women think about sex.” Terri Fisher says.

Even more interesting: by examining the questionnaires presented to young people on their view of sexuality, the researchers found that those who were most erotophiles were those who had reported more thoughts sex, especially among women. Terri says: “People who may still give socially acceptable answers trying to restrain and control the impression they can give of themselves in this case we see that those most affected by them. social image tend to report fewer sexual  abuse and that’s because thinking about sex is not part of the typical expectations of a woman. ”

She added: “There’s really no good reason to believe that men think about sex more often than women Although previous research had not supported the idea that men think about sex every seven. seconds. ” and “little men who think gender should not say it is abnormal and women often think there should not say it’s a problem.”

In conclusion: men do not think about is sex. men think to eat, sleep and make love!


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