Sex is your the right solution

Sex is your the right solution

Talking about  sex between couple is the most effective way to solve their own isssue with resorting into any shrinks to fix your own .

Sexual problems in a relationship would be more the consequence of a lack of communication within the couple as the manifestation of a hormonal imbalance.

In case of decreased libido, for example, researchers at the MedUni Vienna University, Austria, suggest to the person concerned to talk about sex with her partner rather than resorting to drug treatments like Viagra or flibanserin ( the “female Viagra”).

The team of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the University MedUni Vienna was interested in the effects of treatment with ocytocyne (the hormone of attachment, involved in reproduction) of eight months on the libido of a panel of 30 women suffering from sexual dysfunction (decreased libido, lack of orgasm, painful intercourse …).

Among them, a control group took a placebo in the form of nasal spray. All have informed the state of their sex life over the experience and also assessed their level of personal satisfaction.

If the results showed an improvement in sexual satisfaction of the volunteers, the researchers found that the benefits were the same as in women who received placebo nasal spray.

For researchers, this is a sign that the treatment is not necessarily the cause of improving the sex life, but rather it comes under the greater communication in this area within the couple.

“The fact that these women have been thinking about their sexuality and talked about sex with their partner during the time that lasted this study provided measurable improvements observes AFP Bayerle-Eder Michaela, co-author of study. It therefore suggests that it is often only and misunderstandings that prevent couples to freely express and enjoy their sexuality.

The point of view of According to our trials that we monitored  to see the effectiveness of this method,we  had come with a conclusion that talking about  sex between couple is the most effective way to solve their own isssue with resorting into any shrinks to fix your own sex problems .

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