shapiro regime
shapiro regime

shapiro regime


See a new form of regime that called shapiro regime .It is a great alternative  to make lose fat and get healthy body. Enjoy it !

The origins of shapiro regime:

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Howard Shapiro directs a private clinic specializing in weight management. Working with nutritionists, psychologists and coaches, it offers not a diet, but an approach of diet that called shapiro regime which is based  on awareness of food choices. He took the front of the media scene when in 1998, the New York City Police Department has used its services to help its agents to lose weight. The initiative was a resounding success.

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Dr. Shapiro believes that many people who experience weight problems are motivated in their choice by the visual appearance of food. This led him to create an original book illustrating 170 food options: on the left page, there is a color-size photograph of a very calorie food (cheeseburger, chocolate cake, breaded chicken, etc.) while on the right page, displaying alternatives very tasty and low in calories.

Very strikingly, these images reveal the great amount of food one can eat when we opt for healthy diet. It is therefore not a diet, but an original strategy for helping consumers to better food choices.

Title Picture Perfect Weight Loss, Dr. Shapiro’s book was translated into 12 languages. In French it is called, simply, The Shapiro regime. Note that in his book, Dr. Shapiro also stresses the importance of physical activity to lose weight.

The main principles


Losing weight.

Stabilize her weight.

Develop a new relationship with food.

Find a diet that suits us.

Become responsible for its supply.

Enough to eat while ingesting fewer calories.

The outline

The method of shapiro regime that had been created by Dr. Shapiro is based on the principle of awareness of the food we ingest. Before adopting new eating habits, you must first know your current habits. This awareness occurs in two ways:

By writing a food diary in which there is everything that we eat, what time, in what context and in what state (hunger, boredom, frustration, anger, joy, sadness, etc.).

Referring to life-size images representing different choice of menus and dishes and their caloric value.

In short, do not feel deprived is the cornerstone of this shapiro regime. Although Dr. Shapiro does not advocate restrictions, it is still a few caveats in shapiro regime:

According to him, vigilance is required when consuming products that claim “fat”, “sugar”, “salt” or made “with real fruit juice”, etc. Such allegations can influence the amount consumed. One can believe, sometimes wrongly, that these foods are better for you than others.

It also recommends managing cravings. When an urge to eat comes, we must ask what we really want. If the desire is a food rich in calories, like a piece of chocolate cake, consider healthier and less caloric options: a hot chocolate or a lighter piece of dark chocolate, for example. then they can be considered as potential substitutes for chocolate cake. If that is the envy of chocolate cake that is the strongest, it is better to be content .

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