shea butter is a natural beauty treatment

shea butter is a natural beauty treatment

shea butter : a natural beauty treatment
Discover the secrets and virtues of shea, a key and natural beauty care.Shea butter nourishes, repairs and moisturizes the skin. Discover our selection of treatments for the body.

Why is shea butter so popular?

Shea butter is an essential ingredient in traditional, easy to use and multi-purpose. In Africa, the continent of origin, it is called “women’s gold”. In Burkina Faso, shea is reflected even by the word “life.” And we understand why the views of its beauty virtues. Repairing, moisturizing and nourishing shea butter proven with African women for hundreds of years.

They traditionally used as hair care product, but also to nourish the skin of the face and body. Indeed, dark skin naturally dehydrate faster, especially in Africa where they are exposed to UV radiation and extreme temperatures. Another advantage is its low price makes it an easily accessible beauty product. In Black Africa, it is sold in all markets in the city as in the bush directly in small plastic bags.

How to choose care with shea butter?

Shea butter is present in many cosmetic, but often in small doses. To be sure to have a treatment at Shea effective, it must look at the ingredients list (on the back of the product). If the shea butter (shea butter in English or butyrospermum parkii in Latin) is one of the first ingredients is that this treatment is rich in shea butter and of good quality. Of course, for an even more probative effectiveness, it is advisable to use a pure shea , preferably organic, which is easily recognizable by its beige color and smooth texture. This can be purchased in grocery stores exotic and organic shops. Be careful to choose a deodorized it.

6 tips for using the raw shea butter

At room temperature, the raw shea butter is rather hard. Do not worry, when heated in the hands it turns into a creamy, pleasant to apply.

– In the bath: Add it and let it dissolve in water. A few minutes later, the skin is soft and silky, like wrapped in a hydrating film.

– In lip balm: the evening before going to bed, apply a small dab of it on the lips. The result is astonishing: more small dead skin or cracking, the lips are repaired and fed.

– After a sunburn: shea  relieves the pain of a sunburn. It also allows the skin to regenerate faster and avoids unsightly dead skin.

– During breastfeeding: it can be used as an ointment on the nipples to prevent cracking. The raw shea  is edible of course, but for the well being of baby, and the precautionary principle, prefer for that use an organic shea butter.

– To relieve stiffness: used as a healing massage, shea  relaxes aching muscles or creased after intense sporting effort.

– In hair mask: Apply shea  in large quantities on the lengths of the hair . Then wrap the hair in a towel and leave for a few hours or overnight. After two shampoos, hair is soft and shiny.

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