Sign language for babies

Sign language for babies

Sign language for babies
Sign language is an effective way to communicate with your child before it fully develops the language. The signs, which should not be separated from the floor, is a companion tool that will help avoid tears, anger and frustration linked to a lack of understanding.

Nathalie Vigneau, nurse and instructor in sign language for babies, tells us all about this method of communication and its many benefits.
Sign language for babies, what is it?

Signing is a mimic word making hand gestures. Sign language for babies shows the same signs as sign language for the deaf. However, it is to only translate words, not sentences. Sign language for babies is a tool that helps toddlers to speak before he knew communicate through speech.

Language of signs  in baby section “can start from birth,” announces Nathalie Vigneau. Your baby will obviously not reproduce the signs but may be impregnated and enter signs gradually. Sign language is a “repeat history and endurance,” says the specialist.

The ideal is to start when waking moments outnumber the moments of sleep, that is to say, about 3-4 months. The idea is not to impose the signs to the child but to propose and piochera what he wants and what he needs to communicate with others.

That can not even be expressed in words, a baby still need to say things to the people around him, including his parents.

Start with basic signs

Of course, depending on your environment, some signs are more useful than others. But some are very useful in everyday life and occur at specific times of the day. The signs to say “still”, “cake”, “drink”, “eat” are usually the first that the child happen. If you have a pet, it is also interesting to teach him to say “dog” or “cat” in sign language.

“The sign should not be distinguished from the word” insists Nathalie Vigneau. “It is always an illustration of what is said to the child. The sign accompanies the word.”

Note that certain signs come naturally like shaking hands to say goodbye or put his hands under her ear cocked his head to say “sleep”.

Sign language to avoid tears and frustration

In many situations, the adult is assuming the face of a baby crying. If he cries, this may be due to hunger, fatigue or because his diaper is full. But it is impossible to identify the actual cause of the crying of the child. Sign language can then help resolve a situation.

Example: “Relatives who I taught sign language, and their little boy of 16 months, have seen their trade with their child facilities thanks to signs Breakfast was always grumpy and cried a lot when his parents. came for the crib to a little before 18 hours. at the time of the evening meal around 19 hours, he ate very little. the day the little boy to his mother signed the word ‘eat’ to 18 hours celle- it understood that his son was crying because he wanted to eat for 18 hours. if he swallowed anything 19 hours this is because fatigue had taken over his appetite. ”

This example shows that the signs facilitate exchanges and understanding between the child and his parents sometimes help avoid tears, anger and frustration at the toddler.

No impact on language acquisition

Contrary to what some parents might think, sign language does not prevent children develop language. “The sign is a tool that accompanies the word, in any case it replaces,” said Nathalie Vigneau. Babies who sign have more fluency and even tend to speak earlier than the rest, observe the trainer.

“The child who sign has more confidence in him. He will not have to focus on basic communication and develop, moreover, his curiosity,” says Nathalie Vigneau. When he managed to utter the words, the child gradually abandon the signs because there longer needed. “So the signs are temporary support for the child, as the four legs using to move until they can walk,” said the trainer.

If you want to learn sign language to your child learn the basic signs in our slideshow “Language baby sign: instructions”.

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