Sleep guide for your baby

Sleep guide for your baby

The importance of breastfeeding
Your baby is obviously the cutest of all. Only problem, it’s hard to fall asleep. And that’s the whole family that is more sleep! Mobile, night … Here are some valuable allies to help baby find peaceful nights!

Seven times out of ten calls to the pediatrician involve sleep disorders. From 18 months to 3 years, 80% of consultations are due to sleep disorders. Under what conditions your baby is sleeping through the night? Which objects to use and to banish those to help dodo?

Baby sleep conditions

Before seeking an object that helps baby fall asleep, are you sure you meet all the conditions favorable to sleep? Regarding his nights, install natural sleeping cycle. Do not force your child to bed when it is not tired. From 0 to 6 months, the baby is immature and sleep well, his cycles of sleep are not organized. We must lay it on its back without cover, dressed warmly in a room of about 20 degrees. Do not exceed 26 degrees, even in summer.

Music for baby to sleep

Baby sleep, choose anything that rocks, anything that causes your child to dream, like music boxes. Their melodies come into harmony with the imagination of the child. Know that many children enjoy classical music! It’s the same one they prefer!

Pilot or no pilot for baby?

Should we leave a night light to reassure baby? Opinions are divided. Some advice to accustom the child to sleep without, in complete darkness, with the presence of a parent in early reassuringly. This will allow baby to sleep through the night in the future without fear. So you see what suits him best. Note: you can also use a dawn simulator! This device is not for children: For some are also simulator sunset, which can promote the baby gently in sleeping  and schedule a light extinction smoothly.

The blanket, the choice of the child

Growing up, the first baby sleeping  ally, the blanket. It is the child who will elect a transitional object. Rabbit, bear or dog who just have a head and that the rest of the body is a square of fabric are very popular with parents. But the child will prefer the plush where he will put his soul or fabric that her mom has offered. Nothing serves to complicate life. We need to find simple and personified objects that the child will adopt spontaneously! If your child chooses a “weird” object to fall asleep, leave to do (if the object is not dangerous course). The important thing is that it will create its bearings.

Accessories for baby to sleep

A hot stuffed!
Intriguing, a hot stuffed? This is either a dog, a cat or a cow. Very easy to reheat in the microwave for curing big sorrow as well as stomach aches. It calms the child and facilitates falling asleep;

Teddy with heart
It is a teddy bear that makes noises recalling the heartbeat of the mother, it reassures, and allows the child to feel safe. It keeps some benchmarks as in the womb;

A magic lantern
These are balls of light or cylindrical lamps that diffuse characters or stars on the wall. The mesmerizing effect (especially if you associate it with a little music) should promote sleeping of your baby ,including parents!

Parents to get to sleep

For the pediatrician Edwige Antier, the most important for the baby sleeping is still the presence of parents. Not to mention, she points out: “The baby bottle with warm milk or nursed that remain the best means of baby sleeping “!


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