Sleeping next to your child gives him a greater chance of breastfeeding

Sleeping next to your child gives him a greater chance of breastfeeding

Sleeping next to your child gives him a greater chance of breastfeeding
It reached the results of a recent study that women who slept near their children in bed, are most likely to continue breastfeeding for a longer period for new mothers, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” British.


The study showed that breast milk is the healthiest way to feed a baby, where doctors always recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, so that the continuation of breastfeeding nutritional supplements helps children to healthy growth and development.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the doctors said that breastfeeding reduces diarrhea and vomiting in children, they also reduce the likelihood of chest and ear pain and obesity diseases, and thus the incidence of type II diabetes and other obesity-related diseases later in life, the more duration of breastfeeding, the longer the protection and more benefits.

A study by the University, “Durham” and found that mothers who sleep in bed with children for at least one hour a week, no more likely to continue breast-feeding for more than six months, so mothers need to provide them with information on how to make the sharing of bed while breastfeeding safe as possible  which given the complex relationship between bed sharing and sudden infant death syndrome, was supporting nursing mothers and their awareness is critical.

The study followed 678 women in mid-pregnancy, and women who gave their  milk of post bed with their children, which prevent them from achieving the goal of breastfeeding, and found that 299 women, or 44% “rarely or never” What participated bed with their children, and 192, or 28% did so intermittently, and 187, or 28% did so often, these three groups a big difference in marital status, income and gestational age infants did not differ, and the age of the mother or the date of birth.


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