Smoking is the cause of drining alcohol
Smoking and alcoholism are linked
Smoking and alcoholism are linked
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Smoking is the cause of drining alcohol

Smoking is a bad habit which is a direct reason of heading drinking alcohol.

In France, alcohol  and smoking   cause 45 000 deaths per year, or 10% of recorded deaths. In 70% of cases, the person who is dependent on alcohol   is also a smoker, and  the other 30%  is dependent to smoking .Here is some facts that  had been concluded by  US researchers.

 The relationship between smoking and alcohol:

According to US researchers, the relationship between tobacco and alcohol is not without consequence in reality smoking relapse could make the “ex-alcoholic”. In reaching this conclusion, researchers from Columbia University and the University of New York (United States) followed 34,653 adult volunteers, age, gender and different social classes for 3 years . All participants had one day been dependent on alcohol.

Verdict ? After 3 years, regular smokers had twice as likely to “immerse” than others. “All people who smoke should say goodbye to smoking for their health, says Renee Goodwin, lead author of the study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

People who have an alcoholic past is a top priority. Of course, it is very difficult to stop smoking and drinking together. Also, it may be interesting to be accompanied by a professional, to maximize its chances of success. ”

The researchers could not determine why the cigarette caused the relapse. “We plan to neurological factors, psychological factors, the researchers analyzed. But further work is needed. ”

You think you have a problem with alcohol? Do not hesitate: take the test Alcoholics Anonymous.

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