Solar hair guide
Solar hair : What is a good solar hair?
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Solar hair guide

Face to the sun, the hair on the front line. As they are not able to repair themselves, it helps them protect themselves .that’s why, its called” Solar hair”.


To be quickly absorbed and to distribute evenly lengths to ends.

Protect and take care of  your cuticle, whose scales may be damaged by the sun, salt, chlorine and wind.

To maintain the elasticity of the fiber to prevent it from breakage and facilitate disentangling.

To properly remove the tarnish or shampoo without weighing the hair, it is thin or thick.

Solar hair: what it should contain …


Chemical filters, some of which are used for skin, absorb UVA and UVB (as cinnamates). Molecules of plant origin (polyphenols, precursors of vitamin A …) also act as filters. They form antioxidant shields, for

to stop the destruction of keratin (texture) and melanin (pigment) by free radicals.

Relipidants of agents

These fats in the form of oil or butter, vegetable (argan oil, shea butter, olive …) or synthetic (silicones, paraffin …). Their role is to strengthen and repair the keratin damaged by UV rays and external aggressions (salt, chlorine, wind). They also play a role in preventing the film-forming water in the hair to evaporate under the effect of heat. The fiber thus retains its flexibility and brilliance. It is soft to the touch.

And also

Some water. More or less present depending on the product (fog, frost …). In general, solar oils do not contain it.

Preservatives. They enable the product to remain stable in the sun.

Solar hair: monitor

The alcohol

It dries the hair fiber. However, some non-greasy sprays can contain as it gives lightness to the emulsion. But it is not recommended, especially in summer when the hair, even healthy, tend to become porous and dry.


In addition to their potentially allergenic character, they can be photosensitizing under the effect of the sun. This is the case of the extracts from citrus flavors such as bergamot or lemon.

The focus of the specialist

At the seaside or in the mountains, the hair becomes dry to the touch after a week. Drying of the fiber and the color fading therefore arrive soon. To limit the damage, they need a protective solar, to choose according to their nature: oils rich if they are thick, lighter mist if purposes. Product comfort is essential, because the application must remain a “gesture pleasure” to renew willingly after swimming.

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