Some imperative information about dairy products
Dairy products
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Some imperative information about dairy products

A study concluded that increased consumption of dairy products does not diminishprotect you from  blood sugar or blood pressure , But it makes you fat.

Health authorities recommend consuming 3-4 dairy products per day in preventing osteoporosis, but also for the health benefits attributed to them. Thus it is said that people who consume the most dairy products have protection on so-called metabolic syndrome: they would have less abdominal obesity, triglycerides, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar lowest blood, so a lower risk of type-2 diabetes and vascular disease. These potential benefits mainly stem from findings from observational studies, which generally fail to enter into a relationship of cause and effect.

To have the heart net, New Zealand researchers conducted a meta-analysis of intervention studies during which healthy volunteers consumed a surplus of dairy products compared to others who consumed little or not. 20 studies involving 1677 participants were included, with an average duration of 26 weeks. On average, groups were asked to “dairy products” to consume daily 3.6 servings of dairy products more than the “control” groups.

Results: increased consumption of dairy products has led to a higher body weight (0.82 kg for dairy products and lean + 0.41 kg for whole milk products). There was no significant change in waist circumference, blood glucose, cholesterol levels, diastolic blood pressure, inflammation .

These results contradict the optimistic statements of the dairy industry, and nutritionists linked to it.

In particular, the industry has made its bread and butter of a French study called desire, which it has done intensive media promotion. This study, which is not an intervention study, but observation has been funded by the dairy industry, information generally ignored. One of the lessons, or rather a confirmation of the New Zealand meta-analysis is that “studies sponsored by industry were more likely to report a positive result that the studies that were not paid by industry “.

Dairy products have originally been recommended by health authorities at 3 to 4 servings per day, under the pretext that they would prevent osteoporosis. But this assertion has never been verified, and it is even regularly undermined.

To maintain its market share, the dairy industry today puts forward other allegations, focused on protein intake, dieting, metabolic syndrome or diabetes prevention. However, it appears unlikely that an increased consumption of dairy products prevents metabolic syndrome (a disorder that does not also exist among people who do not consume dairy products such as hunter-gatherers).

But if you tolerate dairy product, it is probably safe to consume in moderation for pleasure, without this having adverse consequence



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