Soup diet as perfect alternative
Soup diet:The cabbage soup diet in alternating

Soup diet as perfect alternative

Soup diet cabbage follows a day of fat where we normally eat but healthily, avoiding sugar, white flour and fat.

The principle of alternating diet is to eat like a man to the stone age: one day he ate roots and the next day he devoured a mammoth. Why does it help lose weight?

When the body receives a reduced amount of calories for a long time, it reacts by starting its “economic” program: the metabolism slows and the body consumes less energy and burn less fat. Therefore, as soon as we start to eat more, we grossissons a little: our body remains in “economy” mode for a while. It is the yo-yo effect … The long-term calorie diets cause weight loss thus resistance.

“When the short term, sometimes we eat a lot and sometimes little, the reaction of our body is calmer and less radical,” says Marion Grillparzer, author of “The magic soup”. “In the Stone Age, it was normal to eat some days and some more the next day, when hunting was good.” The body does not receive any lack, it does not set off its economic program and you’re safe from the yo-yo effect …

According to the formula of alternating diet for a week, you need to eat more or less normally every other day, but only foods that help to slim: no sugar, no fat and no foods with high glycemic index. A small glass of dry wine is allowed. Day diet, follow the magic soup diet and only eat fruit or vegetables and cabbage soup at will.

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