Spaghetti is a regime for workout
Spaghetti is a regime for workout

Spaghetti is a regime for workout

From tennis to football, passing by the swimmer, the regime “Spaghetti” invaded the sports world for many years. It aims to increase glycogen stores, fuel muscle.

The “spaghetti system” is designed for high-level athletes who are preparing a competition. Developed by Scandinavian doctors in the sixties, it was popularized by the “pasta party”, very popular in the last few years in the sport.

its principle

spaghetti regime: This is to increase muscle glycogen reserves thanks to a special diet in the days before the competition, in order to achieve better performance.

It is done in several steps:

During the training period

The athlete takes a high-calorie diet (because of the very high energy expenditure), in which the percentage of energy supplied by carbohydrate that is increased from 50% or 55% to about 60%. The plan is normally balanced elsewhere.

A week before the competition

For several days, the athlete receives a diet low in carbohydrates, while it made significant and prolonged exercise. This aims to exhaust its maximum glycogen reserves.

This phase is sometimes replaced today by a single day of physical activity, and a similar regime to that of the training period.

During the two or three days immediately preceding the test, the power is, however, very rich in carbohydrates (65% to 75% of total energy). Hence, of course, the presence in the pasta meal, but also rice, potatoes and sweet products, consumed in abundance. The drive is very light, to “save” the glycogen formed.

The result

Thus obtaining an increase of 10 to 20% of muscle glycogen, so a substantial increase in energy reserve of muscles. This allows a more prolonged physical effort.

The “spaghetti system” is especially effective for intense exercises and sports long enough. Of course, it will not turn a sports champion Sunday … But we can still be inspired to optimize power before a competition.

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