Sport protects us from diabetes
How sport protects us from diabetes
How sport protects us from diabetes
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Sport protects us from diabetes

The benefits of physical activity are numerous but it is not well understood how sport protects us from the onset of diabetes .

Using mice, researchers were able to verify that physical activity produced an autophagy mechanism that help to get rid of diabetes. Autophagy is a process in which the cell destroyed or damaged parts unnecessary itself to produce energy. This is what happens in particular during a fast.

The beneficial role of autophagy is documented for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer or aging. An uncanny resemblance to the benefits of physical activity.

Using genetically modified mice (a group of normal mice and one group of mice without the gene of autophagy), the researchers found that exercise caused the positive changes related to the effort in terms of health normal mice, but these changes were absent in the genetically mutated mice.

Subjecting them to a diet high in calories and high in fat, they found that mice unable to autophagy have developed insulin resistance and decreased endurance while normal mice did not develop ‘abnormal glucose tolerance.

This new study validates once again the recommendations of Dr. Michel Lorgeril on physical activity in the prevention of diseases ,such as diabetes, myocardial portion, and stroke. According to him, these diseases can be eradicated: see his interview.

To find our tips for physical activity in the prevention or treatment of diabetes, see our recommendations.

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