7 Steps to fight aging and restore youth
7 Steps to fight aging and restore youth
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7 Steps to fight aging and restore youth

A recent US study conducted by a group of researchers, have shownthat the first signs of aging can know as of mid-twentieth.

The study indicated that people who have their body is aging faster than the others, also have achieved worse results on tests that usually govern the people over the age of sixty, including tests of balance and coordination, and problem solving.

Here are some ways to fight the emergence of signs of aging and restore youth lies in the following steps:

– Refrain from smoking and eating rich food dyes and preservatives and carbonated beverages.

– Choose a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle in terms of exercise, and adopt the diet rich in vitamins and fluids.

– Talk to your dermatologist to advise appropriate to the quality of your skin creams.

– Class natural masks fitted in the house, and massage Take care of your skin twice a day, laughter exercises and pouting and national exercises Facelift You can see the face lift exercises through the link below


– Choose products that take care of the make-up medical indirectly the health of your skin.

РCommit cream and sunscreen and  heal radiation damage, especially dust and pollutants from the skin external factors.

– Cleanse your skin daily and Drain impurities and dead skin, to be able to breathe and regenerate itself.

Restore youth, and hide and aging for the face and body aging landmarks, beautiful dream can be achieved if the man lived a healthy lifestyle, but just use make-up and cosmetic and plastic surgery, it can be said that dream turned into a real nightmare.

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