Steps of smokey eye makeup
Steps of smokey eye makeup
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Steps of smokey eye makeup

See the steps  of making a smokey  eye makeup that will turn your eyes more beautiful.

Here’s guide for Smokey eye makeup step by step …

The first step: Choose colors under the eyelids, which want to use dark colors black and dark make a bold look, or you may want to coordinate between the colored clothes with eye makeup.

If you want a simpler view, try shades of gray.

What you’ll need three shades: light or luminous color (preferably white) and average (primary color) and dark (to view smokey).

Step Two: To ensure color fastness in place, you have to start the application on the eyelid and the eye socket (greatness found directly above the eye).

Step Three: Start by using color and light brush on the eyelid, and the eye socket. And an extension to the side of the eye in an arc along the same line eyebrows for eyes brighter.

Step Four: Using a soft brush, start applying under the eyelid medium color on the eyelids area directly above the eyelashes. The way slowly up to the quarry eye area and out to the outer corner of the eye.

Step Five: Now you’ll need to the dark color of the grades you have chosen. Using angled brush, starting from the outer corner of the eye and work down to the edge of the eyelashes.

When the application is better to start with a slight amount, and you can always go back and add more.

Step Six: the key to any look smokey  eye makeup is a combination of grades.

Using the brush Mix the three shadows to become an indefinite edges. At this stage, if you want to add more color, use a dark color and work from the outer corner to the inside.

Step Seven: add a specific eye to the top and bottom eyelashes. If you want to look less severe ,apply liquid eyeliner which can be mixed easily.

Step Eight: Add a layer of mascara.

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