Stop smoking without gaining a gram!
Stop smoking without gaining a gram!
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Stop smoking without gaining a gram!

You’ve decided to quit smoking, but you fear gaining weight? Rest assured, it is possible to limit the damage! I will  gives you some tips for throwing your package without getting angry with your balance.

Cigarette and weight Quitting smoking is essential to your health, you know. But you also know that it may be at the expense of your line. One can not deny it when you stop smoking, it necessarily takes a few kilos if we do not pay attention. The reasons are many. On the one hand, smoking is an effective appetite suppressant, secondly nicotine helps burn fat. Finally, someone who stops smoking again highly sensitive to the tastes and smells. This is necessarily accompanied by a renewed appetite … However, a few tips can help take no extra weight.

1 – Watch your plate!

Now that you have stopped smoking, you must be especially careful to have balanced menus. Do not force too fat or too sweet products. Do not overlook the fresh vegetables and fruits. If necessary, consult a nutritionist for advice on custom menus.

2 – Make sorting in your kitchen.

In the days and weeks after quitting, former smokers usually throw on sugary products. Banish your closets chocolate bars, cookies and other bars. Instead, place a cutting handy fruit.

3 – The hardest ever lasts.

Weight gain usually occurs in the first three months. And if stopping smoking causes on average a gain of 3.8 kg in women, many of them found their starting weight within twelve months after stopping.

4 – Get active!

Think intensely burning calories by practicing a sport. Choose a discipline in which you can have fun (friendly matches, competition.). If you opt for running, do not run alone. Join a club, where you will feel more supported. In all cases, the recovery of a sport combined with your smoking cessation will polish up your lungs! You will rediscover the joys of smell!

5 – Walk!

If you do not have the courage to enroll you in a sports club, increase your daily expenses! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. By subway or bus, get off at the station before your destination and walk the rest of the way on foot.

6 – Mind your mouth without snacking!

The first few weeks, you can resort to oral food substitutes (chewing gum, sugarless candy.). But stop quickly, not to acquire new bad habits. Above all, do not snack between meals! You would fall into a downward spiral in which you will go to devour more and more snacks and confectionery. If you go crazy, absolutely choose fruit.

7 – Drink!

Try drinking more than usual, at least 2 liters of water daily. Preferably consume this water between meals.

8 – Become a friend of breakfast

Eat breakfast a little more consistent after stopping smoking. This will help you avoid cravings of the late morning.

9 – Get help!

If you feel you have trouble holding, do not hesitate to get help. A dietary management early in the smoking cessation avoids the extra weight. Thus supported, you will not be obsessed by the fear of gaining weight. Especially do not undertake alone, too strict diet: want to restrict you on all tables or you may crack!

10 – Use nicotine substitutes!

It has been shown in a study * that employment gum can help reduce the consequent weight gain in smoking cessation. And more specifically, the results seem proportional to the dose consumed. Women who used more gum gained less weight than those who had used little or not at all (1.3 kg after 12 weeks against 3.4 kg). Invaluable!

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