Sugar plan for your baby

Sugar plan for your baby

Sugar plan for your baby
Sugar has a bad reputation. Yet it is essential for baby food, as well as lipids or proteins. But to learn to love the desserts at a young age without abusing, some precautions are necessary.

Various types of sugars are naturally present in foods such as lactose in milk and fructose in fruit. The “table sugar”, which sprinkles for fun, corresponds to sucrose. Essential food, sugar provides energy immediately usable by the body. The kids love it and should not be deprived. But beware of bad habits!

Sugar: the delight of toddlers

Sugar baby’s preference for sweet taste is innate. Studies show that even in the womb, babies already appreciate the sweet food. Therefore, to “make room” babies who have little appetite, some mothers tend to offer them more sweets than savory dishes. A natural attitude against which pediatricians warn yet. “In the short term, excess of sweety foods can cause a nutritional imbalance” writes Dr. Patrick Tounian, a pediatrician at the Trousseau Hospital in Paris 1. Indeed, sweet dishes may be consumed at the expense of vegetables or meat that bring lipids and proteins necessary for the growth and activity of small.

A limited addition of sugar, and only during meals

In practice, can you sweeten baby stewed? Yes, but in moderation. Slightly sweet desserts or baked fruit is quite possible. Nutritionally, honey, brown sugar and white sugar do not show significant differences. So it’s a matter of taste! As for prepared products, better yet choose compotes, juices or dairy product without added sweet items.

But beware of excess: baby eats more sweet items, the more he will love the sweet. It may, for example, refuse to drink water if it is used with grenadine …

As for the link between excess sugar in infancy and later obesity remains controversial. “But it is certain that there is no benefit to adding sugar” says Dr. Tounian.

Except for snacking, nothing is forbidden …

Pediatricians agree: it is important not to ban sweets 2. Chocolate, biscuits and fruit juice are part of the small feeding. For babies and adults is when sugary food is consumed regularly between meals it becomes problematic. The main risk is tooth decay, even in babies who have not yet teeth. Thus, we must at all costs avoid giving a bottle of sweet water or milk to help baby fall asleep. Also, snacking between meals or not sweetened, undoubtedly increases the risk of obesity.

Candy and other sweets can of course be consumed at festive lunches or special occasions. But beware ! In any case, they should become an educational or emotional issue. Sugar should be neither a reward nor subject to bargaining, but a pleasure to be enjoyed in moderation …

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