Taking care of dark skin
Dark skin: taking care of her skin
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Taking care of dark skin

Dark  skin is often prone to imperfections.  Discover valuable advice Joelle Nonni, head of makeup Avene, and find a radiant and even complexion.

Dark  skin resent temperate climates. To adapt to climate change, the cellular function of dark  skin went wrong. Result: they suffer from drought, are more sensitive and rougher. Bring them while maximum hydration care.

dark  skin: attention to scrub

Dark  skin is very sensitive. Women tend to ignore it, but “it is important to use non-abrasive soft scrubs. They are more efficient and do not attack the skin.” And even if dark  skin contains dead cells very dense and difficult to clean, soft scrub a week is more than enough (this is also true for very oily skin). “Staying hydrated will eventually get rid of stubborn dead skin cells that cling to the skin,” says Joelle Nonni.

Dark  skin: no deadlock on hydration

The Dark  skin  is prone to blackheads mixed, so it is best to “move towards non-comedogenic products” when it comes to cleaning.

Note, oils and shea butter used frequently in the hydration of black  skins are only relipidants and have no (or very little) water content. With this type of treatment, the skin is not moisturized but really just “greased”. “For facial skin, so you regularly use mattifying moisturizers and serums when the seasons change.”

Quick tip: if during the day, your skin tends to shine too much, feel free to use paper matting bibulous.

Dark  skin: Protect yourself from the sun

Contrary to popular belief, Dark  skin also need sun protection, especially for people who were not born under the sun. Regarding sun protection, Joelle Nonni advised to opt for a treatment with an index between 20 and 50. And for the darkest skin to avoid unsightly gray appearance of certain sunscreens, “use a tinted sunscreen. ” It is to be applied every two hours like other creams.

Dark  skin: cleansing

Rinse cleansers gels will be your best allies to clean your skin. “The black  skin has a specificity: it can be dehydrated and simultaneously continue to shine, while a white skin that lacks water never shines.” No need to dry your skin. Prefer cleansing milks and gels rather than soap too delipidants.


The dead cells black  skin are loaded with melanin (which concentrates the pigmentation). Result: You must perform regular exfoliation (once a week) to prevent the complexion is dull.

Moreover, inflammation due to acne show unsightly hyperpigmentations of tasks. Again, no need to dry the skin to remove your shortcomings. Dehydrated skin makes it even more dull complexion.

The solution is to use a soft, absorbent and purifying mask that does not dry the skin. Then, apply a serum or fluid to help eliminate dead skin.

Remember one thing, hydration is the key to beautiful skin. Needless to procrastinate. Even if your skin you can create some problems, it ages generally better than white skin.

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