Testosterone levels tips to increase it
a simple way to increase his testosterone levels
a simple way to increase his testosterone levels
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Testosterone levels tips to increase it

Losing weight is a simple and effective way to increase testosterone levels in men.

Researchers recently presented new findings at the 94th annual meeting of endocrinology in Houston in the United States. Dr. Frances Hayes and colleagues studied the impact of weight loss on testosterone levels in men overweight prediabetic, that is to say whose glucose tolerance is impaired but who do not have yet developed diabetes.

Nearly 900 men with a mean age of 54 years and with low testosterone levels with associated symptoms (decreased libido, decreased sperm production, erectile dysfunction, etc.) were therefore divided into three groups and received either metformin-based therapy (an anti-diabetic drug) or instructions to improve their lifestyle (dietary advice for weight loss tips and exercise more) or placebo.

Result: after one year testosterone levels did not change in the group that received metformin . However the group that changed his eating habits and lost weight, the number of people with low testosterone levels (below 300 ng / dL) was virtually divided by 2 (the number increased by 20% to 11%).

These results confirm those of previous studies. The decrease in testosterone if overweight is linked to an enzyme, aromatase, which is present in the fatty tissues and produces feminizing hormones.

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