The acidified milk

The acidified milk

The acidified milk

The acidified milk as their name suggests has a lower pH than normal. They can be enriched with useful bacteria. They would prevent diarrhea and facilitate digestion.

Acidified, that is to say whose pH is lowered by biological fermentation thanks to the action of Lactococcus lactis on the lactose.

The acidified milk

The originality of the adapted acidified milk is due to their action on the digestion and the medium by a double mechanism: lowering of the pH and bacterial enzymatic activity proteolytic and lactasic.

Acidified milk enriched with bacteria

Some milks are simply acidified. Others are acidified and then enriched with live bifidobacteria in order to reproduce the digestive flora of breast-fed infants and thus avoid the development of undesirable flora. The bifido-bacteria seem to remain alive throughout the digestive tract but do not colonize it permanently at the stop of the milk. The possible beneficial effects of this modification of flora have yet to be demonstrated.

Many strengths of acidified milk

The acid medium inactivates or inhibits the growth of microorganisms. The acidification of milk would thus have a preventive effect on diarrhea. The acidification of the milk also results in a fine flocculation of the casein in the bottle and allows a better action of the pepsin in the stomach. The digestion of lactose is facilitated. Indeed, lactic acid bacteria allow predigestion of lactose into glucose and galactose and its fermentation into lactic acid. This action diminishes the importance of colonic fermentation of lactose and secondary intestinal bloating. Lowering the pH inside the stomach finally reduces the gastric emptying time which becomes comparable to that of mother’s milk.

Therapeutic role of acidified milk

Acidified milk  can be prescribed in any healthy infant. However, they have advantages in certain situations.

In the newborn with a small appetite, whose weight curve is mediocre and has slow digestions;

In infants ballooned and hampered by gas.

In the case of gastro esophageal reflux, the acceleration of gastric transit is an advantage although no clinical study has so far demonstrated such a therapeutic role.

In the case of community life (crèches), these milks could be used for the prevention of diarrhea.

Many brands offer acidified milk.

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