The arrival of twins

The arrival of twins

The arrival of twins
The arrival of twins is always accompanied by a real upheaval. Organize themselves to deal with this double happy event is more than necessary, for fear of being overwhelmed. Key steps to get by.

The arrival  of  two babies at the same time did not support lightly. “Otherwise you risk being quickly overtaken by events” assures Sandra Loison, coordinator of the Association and Twin 1 and mother of two twins. The end of pregnancy is often challenging. “Twin pregnancies rarely go beyond 38 weeks because of problems with hypertension,” says Nicole Ciraru-Vigneron, gynecologist-obstetrician 2. The delivery is often triggered. Beyond maternal fullness and joy of their arrival, daily management becomes a top priority. To stay in the joy of “Gouzi-Gouzi” with two toddlers who hoquettent in their cradle, it is organized pronto!

Twin: Do not hesitate to ask for help

Husband, mother, stepmother, cousin, friend and neighbor even … Take a tour of messes before the happy event, you will need their presence. Two newborns will occupy you full time. “Feed them, change them, bathe them, walk … You will not have a minute you the first months” warns Nicole Ciraru-Vigneron. “Get help for shopping and cleaning is neither a luxury nor a star of whim” adds Sandra Loison. It is a necessity!

Associations for twins are also there for that. You will find homemakers, housekeepers … Get the facts!

Feeding twins … a question of organization!

If you choose to breastfeed, you can not delegate, of course. But there are tricks to get out more. Think, for example, bottle-feed at night. Allow the silicone nipples, more suitable for breastfed babies. “That may seem a drop in your fatigue ocean will quickly become an opportunity” insists Nicole Ciraru-Vigneron.

Between overflow layer, removal and search of lost body every rare moment of relaxation is blessed. Remember also to keep a small food diary. There is always one of the most greedy twins and faster than the other. To avoid always feed the same, note the hours of breastfeeding or bottle of each. It will simplify your task.

For information, there will be about a feeding every 3 hours. Although you adopt as a solution, remember to relieve your back … Get comfortable.

Dodo and bath: valuable tips

Some recommend putting them in the same bed, against promiscuity that they have shared in your belly. “So far nothing is proven,” says Sandra Loison. Better to quickly separate the one hand to create their distinct identity and also avoid the risk of choking, real, one by the other.

Another important detail: the changing table. Do not plan on changing your bed Given the number of layers change (twelve per day) and bathroom, you get tired quickly open the back and knees!

Mother of twins: take care of you!

Without necessarily taking you or Angelina Jolie’s Brad nor for Julia Roberts, you take care of your second priority. After the twins, you are the third most important person. “Watch your diet!” Nicole recommends Ciraru-Vigneron. Beware of anemia, this is not the time!

Opt for a rich and varied diet and ask your doctor to supplement you (especially iron), if necessary! Enjoy the presence of a third party to take a shower or a bath, without feeling guilty. You need to recover. Preparing bottles in advance, and a nanny, program as soon as you can a restaurant evening with your Jules, without the kids!

Talk to a shrink!

Playing with the similarities, dress the same, compare … It’s amazing the number of crazy ideas that goes through your head at your two darlings …

Once past the guilt of being a bad mother (doubled), admit that the twins raises many questions. “Whether they are true or false twins, dress them identically is necessarily a bad idea,” said Sandra Loison. For toys, ditto. It seems that it is increasingly rare.

However, what remains most common, is the temptation

to compare. There is necessarily one that will eat better, talk or walk sooner. The challenge is to treat them individually. “There are bound to be more fragile, which requires more attention” assures Sandra Loison. Anyway, do not hesitate to call a pediatrician or child psychiatrist .

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