The benenfits of meditation
Meditation for weight loss

The benenfits of meditation

Meditation is a perfect cure for women who suffer from lacking  of desire, lack of pleasure, and  decreased libido.

Faced with the difficulty of developing into drug treatment (see article The drugs of tomorrow to increase libido), some researchers focused on the eastern methods and their effectiveness to improve female sexuality.

Lori Brotto  and his colleagues at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada have reviewed the studies on this and selected three techniques that can be effective: meditation, acupuncture and yoga.

The researchers evaluated the effectiveness of a particular meditation technique called “mindfulness” of focusing on the present moment. This technique finds its roots in Buddhist meditation and displays an important spiritual component.

The studies

In 2008, researchers developed a psycho-educational program for women with disorders of sexual desire and integrating mindfulness meditation exercises . Group sessions supplemented by exercises to perform at home is given very good results and the women in the study said that meditation was one of the most effective components of the program.

The key point of this technique was to try to get volunteers to empty their mind to avoid focusing on spurious signals and to try to better focus on their own feelings and perceptions. The women in the study group also took part in personal exercises to better understand their relationship to their own body and as part of their sex lives.

Most women reported a better response to sexual stimuli and an increase in desire and arousal after following mindfulness meditation program. The researchers suggest that this method is effective and should be integrated into therapies.


Acupuncture, derived from Chinese medicine, involves inserting fine needles at various points of the surface of the skin. This energy approach aims to stimulate energy flow in the body by acting on specific flow called meridian.

The studies

A 1999 study tested the effectiveness of acupuncture to treat women suffering from PVD, a pain felt at the entrance of the vagina sui makes painful and disturbing reports of sexuality . 12 women have been entrusted to the hands of an acupuncturist at the rate of one session per week for 5 weeks. Patients have indeed reported improvement of their symptoms and facilitation of their sex life.

Another similar study conducted on 14 women suffering from this disease has shown the effectiveness of acupuncture and some participants even reported that the benefits of this method was extended several months after stopping treatment .

Studies on the aspect of desire disorders are fewer but data on these studies have not been published. An isolated case report has been well documented, however, that of a 53 year old woman treated for an important breast cancer and disorders complaining about his sex life. With 12 acupuncture sessions on 4 month the patient reported a significant improvement in symptoms, better lubrication, much less pain on penetration and increase in libido.


Yoga, another practice with oriental roots, is a mixture of postural and breathing exercises. Its scientifically proven effects on relaxation, relaxation and wellness have led researchers to wonder whether the practice of yoga can be effective for treating disorders of female sexuality.

The authors of the study  recognize that there is significant gaps in the published data but that in light of published studies on well-being and relaxation, yoga might also have its place in the strategies allowing women to live better their sexuality.

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